Lowes Pressure Washers & Power Washers Rental 2018

Lowes Pressure Washers & Power Washers Rental 2018

Lowes Pressure Washers & Power Washers Rental 2018 – Finding the right Lowes pressure washer rental and Accessories. Lowe’s have a wide selection of electric pressure washers and gas pressure washers, you could choose from brands such as Simpson, Generac, Husqvarna, Briggs & Stratton and Troy-Bilt.

These pressure washers are able to tackle any cleaning task big or small because many projects at times do need an extra boost of power to keep things clean and neat.

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Lowes Pressure Washers – Finding the Right Lowes Pressure Washer Rental and Accessories.

Lowes Pressure Washers

Lowes Pressure Washers – At times when a regular hose just won’t do the job, you need to get a pressure washer. These pressure washers through a hose or spray tip or nozzle creates a high pressure blast of water which is powered by a pump that works on gasoline or electricity.

There are several options to choose from if you are looking to rent out a pressure washer. They are classified in three categories: Heated, Commercial and residential. You may also need to consider the fuel type, power capacity and accessories to go along as they have a variety of options.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that you need to keep the safety factor in mind as pressure washers shoot out water at an incredible rate causing injury if one is not careful, therefore whichever type of pressure washer you need to get keep Safety in mind. Safety requirements differ from each pressure washer.

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What to Consider When Comparing Pressure Washer Rentals

Lowes Pressure Washers – Two important factors need to be considered when scouring for pressure washers, the GPM (Gallons per minute) which is the total water flow rate and PSI (Pounds per square inch) which indicates the amount of total pressure output the washer is capable of. Greater the pressure higher the number. You may want to combine the GPM and PSI to determine the total cleaning power of a washer.

How to Choose a Residential Pressure Washer Rental

Lowes Pressure Washers – Commercial and Residential pressure washers have different degrees of total cleaning power however they function more or less in the same way. Residential pressure washers are good for cleaning around the house such as driveways, decks, and preparing your house for painting, they are not designed for everyday and all day usage rather they are meant to do cleaning jobs a few hours a week. A typical residential pressure washer will have a PSI below 1900 and a GPM under 8.

Here are a few advantages of residential power washers.
• They are cheaper than the commercial ones.
• These are very portable.
• They are the most suited for household chores.

Lowes Pressure Washers – You may want to rent a residential pressure washer if your need is for once in a while cleaning of the home or apartment as they are portable and easier to use than a commercial washer. They are much cheaper to rent it rather than pay a bigger rental for a commercial pressure washer if you do not require a pressure washer with that extra power.

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Commercial Pressure Washers

Lowes Pressure Washers – These are heavy duty pressure washers most commonly used in industries, construction areas and commercial kitchen, rightly as the name suggests, they are meant to be used all day full week. Professionals namely contractors and house painters prefer to use these machines.

Commercial washers can be divided into two subcategories:

• Washers with 2000 to 2900 PSI power are suitable for cleaning sidewalks, commercial trucks, bricks, airplanes, houses and patios.
• Washers with 3000 to 5000+ PSI power more suited for industrial uses, removal of heavy and stubborn stains on concrete blocks, stripping away old paint. These pressure washers are very rare, instead professionals prefer lower PSI with a higher GPM. To remove grime and dirt easily a pressure washer with 3000 PSI. A GPM between 5 and 8 results in faster cleaning as more water is available on the surface.

Let’s take a look at gas vs electric pressure washers:

A pressure washer can be powered either by gas or electric and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric – As they do not emit any harmful smoke, they are safer indoors as a result it makes them the preferred choice for factories and kitchens. They are usually quieter the only disadvantage is the cord.
As these units use electricity you need to be careful when handling them to avoid getting water near any electrical components to prevent damage to the machine and to yourself even though there are safeguards in place you still need to be cautious.

Gas – The advantage of a Gas powered unit is their portability and therefore more suited for open and outdoor areas. They can be easily used deep into the woods, on a watercraft and far from electrical outlets as they do not have an electrical cord. If you need a powerful unit then you will require a gas unit as they are more powerful than an electric pressure washer. The only disadvantage with using gas powered pressure washers is that they are affected by price movements in gas and they can also be loud as compared to the electric pressure washers.

There are more options in the electric category than gas, the expert at Lowe’s rentals will be able to provide you with a lot of choices in both the electric and gas.

Let’s take a look at heated pressure washer vs cold water washers:

Lowes Pressure Washers – The pressure washers are available in cold water, hot water and tri-mode variations. The sophisticated industrial and commercial washers have the more temperature options, the residential washers are available in cold water only. Depending on your cleaning needs water needs will vary.

Cold water pressure washers are cheaper to run in the long term, they are the most effective for use on sap, dust, mud, sap and other natural materials. Cold water pressure washers consume less energy, depending whether it is gasoline or electric.

A hot water pressure washer are mostly electrical, their temperature can reach up to 330 degrees because the water needs to be heated inside the pressure washer which can then be more effective on removing stubborn stains such as oil, sugar, chemicals and emulsion. However hot water pressure washers are more expensive to run.

Pressure Washer Accessories Lowes 

Lowes Pressure Washers – Pressure washer accessories help and are sometimes required for cleaning, water formation and accessibility, therefore you may need to rent them out at times, if you require to clean a two storey house then a pressure washer extension wand will be required.

Given below are a few common accessories to consider when renting a pressure washer:

• Brushes – They scrub the dirt and stains.
• Pressure washer wand extension – To clean tall buildings and home exteriors these can be helpful.
• Surface cleaners – To clean sidewalks and driveways spinning jets can be of great use.
• Cleaning chemicals – Various surface require variety of cleaning agents.
• Nozzles – To help control the flow of water spread either in a concentrated jet stream or wide spread and lighter.


Lowes Pressure Washers – You need information whenever you want to rent a pressure washer, therefore first you need to understand the type of cleaning job that you are undertaking and then rent one accordingly. Gas powered pressure washers can be rented when working outdoors while electrical powered pressure washers can be used when working indoors.

Commercial pressure washers are suited for large, industrial jobs, for household jobs, residential pressure washers are preferred. Depending on the type of job you want to do, total cleaning power, water temperature and mobility will be deciding factors. Searching for the correct information will save you money on unnecessarily wasting money renting a pressure washer that is too large, unwieldy and powerful.
It does not matter whether you are an expert or have an indepth knowledge in generators or a novice, we can help. Check Lowes pressure washers 2016 on Lowes. You can also check pressure washers on Amazon.

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