What is the Best Charcoal Grill on the Market?

A Barbecue in the backyard is as American as it can get. And as many might say, a grill is only a way of many ways of serving a delightful meal. There isn’t a doubt then that a grill can make a huge difference in cooking. So where to start? How to go about buying your first grill?

With a lot eye-catching choices available in the market today, one can easily make a mistake of ‘’what if hadn’t gone for this one”?. This is the exact reason why we are breaking down features of each grill to help you buy the best grill that’s perfect for you.

And yes we know what it feels like to buy the wrong one. In this review we will discuss the positives and the negatives and everything in between. Also, we will point out some features that you need to look out for. Also, we will be talking about the preferred grills of many barbecue aficionados – that is the famous charcoal grill.

Char-Griller 2-2424 Table Top Charcoal Grill Review

If a small table grill with a top is  just what you are looking for then the Char-Griller is the one for you . It is also called as the champion in terms of a portable charcoal grill. It is made out of 250 square inches of heavy steel grilling space. With 2 flexible dampers that work as temperature controllers, with an Ash pan that can be reached easily and cooking grates are made of a heavy iron cast, you get that perfect amount of flavor and heat in your meat. You get a flawless little grill for a perfect camp out and parties.

An awesome point this grill is that it can be fitted to a barrel Chargriller grill as a horizontal firebox for smoking. The main downer about this grill is that once attached it cannot be detached when done. Another downer is that once attached to a larger grill the grill leans towards the side.

Now because of its heaviness, its portability is also questioned. You have to work a bit more and get a little sweat going to transport it somewhere. Its users have also noticed that you additionally have to apply very high heat resistant paint because the one that it comes with. The coating cracks easily.

Weber 14402001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Review

Weber 14402001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal

There is nothing really can take away the magic of a classic that is what this Weber 14402001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal grill is. With a porcelain-covered lid and bowl, a large 363 cooking space, a steel-plated cooking hinged grate and also a one touch-fast clean system.

With features such as a rust-resistant damper made of aluminum, nylon glass-reinforced with handles along with tools hooks. It also has a shield to protect from the heat of the grill.

Cleaning simply is made easy with the ash catcher. The unit also is light in weight so it can be conveniently moved around without a fuss. With a hinged grate that makes adding coals look like a cakewalk.  What can be said about Weber grills, their manufacturing is always first class. But don’t go by features alone.

It all boils down to performance. And with a grill like the Weber, it makes amateur grillers get it right on their first time. The installation is easy and beginners won’t have a problem starting the grill.

Within 15 minutes it reaches the right temperature. You get evenly cooked foods and flavor that can’t be beat. We do agree the price is a bit higher than other smokers but this grill is as long-lasting as it can get.

Weber 441001 Original Kettle 18-Inch Charcoal

Nothing is better than the Kettle grill. It has been there for decades, being passed from generations.


Without a doubt, Weber is the elite when it comes to charcoal grills. Negative reviews about the unit are frivolous and talk nothing about its performance.

If you are looking for a long lasting grill then the Weber is the right one for you.

Char-Grillerr Akorn Jr. Kamado Kooker Charcoal Review

Affordable budget grills are really a boon for families. You can use it to feed the masses on a budget. And when we talk about low prices pocket-friendly grills for families then the Char- Griller is the very best in today’s market. You won’t be let down by the reasonably priced Kamado grill.


If you’re looking for a good starting point and don’t have a budget to go for the big players the Kamado grill is the right one for you. You can take it along with you for outdoor adventure, perhaps a game or just would like to chill at the beach side.

Weber 15407001 Performer Premium Charcoal Grill Review

Weber 15407001 Performer Premium Charcoal Grill

The Weber’s 22-inch Premium Kettle Grill is similar to this Weber Charcoal Grill but just with more or dare, I say a lot of bells and a bunch of whistles more than any outdoor chef can handle.

Just like its competitor with the same name it has a 22 inch diameter porcelain covered lid and bowl, with a cooking space of 363 square inches, charcoal grate with a heavy steel gauge, a cleaning system with a touch, an ash catcher, heat shield with a lid handle, a lid holder that can be tucked away, an aluminum damper with rust resistance.

Attached to it are the whistles and the bells with an LED thermometer that’s built into the unit, a backlight LCD time that can be removed, an all-weather secure charbin containment unit, a wire rack at the bottom, a cart steel frame made for heavy duty and a work table with paint.

It also comes with 2 swivel casters that can be locked, 2 all-weather wheels that are highly durable, 3 tool hooks and a charcoal fuel holder with 2 char-baskets.

Weber grill, unlike any other grill, performs really well. It’s adjustable, user-friendly, durable and provides lots of storage room and a preparation space for all the food that you are going to cook also for the ones that are ready to be served hot.

To be honest there isn’t anything that we could point out about the grill except its price. As the saying goes, with Weber grill you get much more than you expect.

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