Types of Rowing Machines

Types of Rowing Machines


Types of Rowing Machines – Deciding on a rowing machine is tough considering the numerous options out there. And more importantly, you need to understand the various options out there.

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We have categorized rowing machines under four categories. These categories are as per the resistance they create and their functional design.


Types of Rowing Machines – Water Rowing Machine

Water Rowing Machine


These are for the perfectionists and seen by them as much more practical than air. They make their resistance with a genuine oar moving around in a tank of water. They have a tendency to be very costly however well justified, despite all the trouble. Some of them are perfectly made.

These machines are more prominent among expert rowers as the grating and the resistance that is created same as what you would encounter when you push in water.

These machines are unquestionably created for competitors. And for the individuals who are not kidding about contending professionally.


Types of Rowing Machines – Hydraulic Rowing Machine


Hydraulic Rowing Machine

These utilize water powered cylinders which are attached to the end of the handles. They are an especially appealing decision for individuals who don’t have much space in their home. They are frequently somewhat smaller in size.

The greatest drawback is they aren’t as practical in their paddling activity like other machines. This is because the seat and handles are in a unmovable position which just permits an altered hand movement forward and backward. It has no leg drive which is an essential part of paddling.

The higher valued machines tend to utilize water and air. They can offer a more reasonable paddling knowledge as they don’t have altered handles.

Cylinder resistance system is regular in the low-end machines. In case you’re simply beginning and you’re on a tight finance plan, then these machine is most likely what you’d need to run with.


Types of Rowing Machines – Magnetic Rowing Machine

Magnetic Rowing Machine

As you can see by the name, the machine utilizes cylinders to produce resistance that you’ll need. For the most part, it works out well as an abdominal area workout.

This one is the calmest of the batch and it utilizes electromagnets to give resistance. This sounds nice but because of the way of electromagnets, the resistance can’t be balanced.

So it is more more reasonable in price, but it has its flaws and shortcomings.

Magentic rowers are the least expensive alternatives in the business sector. They light and easy to utilize.

Since they utilize electromagnets to develop the resistance, they truly don’t offer the power of resistance that you would look forward to for a viable workout.

This is useful for light workouts. You can include 5-10 minutes paddling in your every day workout with it.

Be that as it may, these machines won’t give you the execution you have to truly tone up and assemble some genuine muscle.


Types of Rowing Machines – Air Rowing Machine

Air Rowing Machine

Finally, you ought to seriously consider the air models.

They have a tendency to be exceptionally good. This is great for for experts and and relaxed users who need something to hone real paddling. These ones are also great for world class competitors. This way it can be used by the entire spectrum of users right from newbie, once a week users, to experts.

This is likely the best innovation present in the rowing sector at this moment, this is most likely the one you’ll wind up with.

Concept2 constructs their machines around the same idea. This is the type of rowing machine that you’ll find in nearby rec centers. I also use this type of rowing machine.

Here’s the exact way it works.

As you draw the handle, the turning flywheel develops resistance as wind and subsequently the power of the resistance is straightforwardly corresponding to the measure of drive you apply.

This is the thing that makes these the best alternative for individuals who are simply beginning with paddling workouts.


You need to consider other points and reviews of rowing machines. These may include the measure of space it takes, the amount it weighs, what level of workouts you want to do on them. Also, it is important to decide on the amount would you be able to spend for a successful workout.

Yes, there do exist exchange offs with regards to size, cost and execution and that is the reason we have chosen the best machines from every classification for you. Hope you get a good understanding of the various types of rowing machines from our list of best rowing machine reviews.

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