SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 Review

SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 Review

SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 Review:

SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 ReviewAt the cost, the SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 this is a decent clean.

  • The steam mop will clean overlay and fixed hardwood, earthenware, tile, marble, slate and rock.
  • Will clean and purify the surfaces of your hardwood surfaces.

SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 Review – Features and Description

Before starting to utilize the SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142, you have to ensure you compass or vacuum the floor surfaces before you utilize the Steam mop.

Utilize the steam mop for reviving the rug with the floor covering lightweight flyer extra.

Water tank limit is around 10 ounces and the guideline book says it goes on for in regards to 12 minutes, however it is once in a while short of what this.

You can continue refilling the water tank with the measuring container which is give and you thusly don’t need to hold up until the water has chilled off.

steamfast steam mop cleaning kitchen tiles

Red light implies that the steam mops force is on.

Green light implies that you have come up short on water.

Rug lightweight plane is useful for invigorating your rug. Just issue is that the rug connection does not keep focused well.

The SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 accompanies a resting cushion, which you can utilize when not utilizing the mop. This keeps your mop denoting the floor surface.

No Swivel include so can’t perfect a few regions.

The SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 utilizations Velcro to hold the cleaning cushions onto the mop head.

You have to arrange around five or six smaller scale cushions so you don’t need to continue cleaning them.

To begin the unit there is a switch pedal on the base of the unit.

The mop is light and coasts effortlessly over the floor surfaces.

This pump furnishes constant steam with no manual pump activity required.

There is a physically worked on/off switch, which is physically worked.

The SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 microfiber cushion is launderable. This accordingly kills the need to utilize expendable cushions.

The steam mop cleans normally with steam without the requirement for hurtful cleansers and chemicals.

The tallness of the handle is flexible with a telescopic post.

The Steam mop by just utilizing water and Microfiber innovation can clean and disinfect hard floor surfaces.

SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 Performance

Pros of the SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142

  • The SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 is super light.
  • Simple to setup and sufficiently smaller to store.
  • As you are no more utilizing cleansers and chemicals, it is protected to use with kids and pets.
  • The steam mop is dependably on; there is no tedious trigger to hold down. Accompanies two cushions yet you will likely need more.
  • The steam mop achieves temperatures of a little more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit inside 4 minutes of exchanging on.


Cons of the SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142

  • The SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 necessities regular refills of the water tank
  • Steam does not feel that hot.
  • The mop head is somewhat cumbersome around a foot in size and does not generally get under the furniture.
  • The link is somewhat short with no link control.
  • The SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142 tends to leave streaks on the floor.
  • The handle is somewhat short, especially on the off chance that you are tall.
  • Different clients have expressed that it has separated after a period.



  • Water tank limit is 10 ounces
  • A full tank keeps going around 15 minutes
  • Takes 3 minutes to be prepared to steam
  • One-year guarantee
  • Power line is 10 feet long
  • Item Dimensions 11.5 x 7.1 x 49.6 inches
  • Shipping Weight 6 pounds
  • Thing model number SF-142

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 – SteamFast Steam Mop SF 142
  • 1 – Carpet Glider Accessory

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