Stealth Cam Reviews – Stealth Cam G30 Review

Stealth Cam Reviews – When you see this trail camera surprisingly it has the look and feel of a more costly model. Planned totally new from the beginning the Stealth Cam G30 this one is greatly improved over the complete Stealth Camera line! Check price on Amazon.

You will have the capacity to use it quickly, as the set up is a breeze. There is no photo viewer included, yet it will take photograph, video and time stamp. It is perfect with both a tripod and a Python link. This is a flexible little trail camera! You can also check our review of the best trail camera and our trail camera reviews

Stealth Cam Reviews

Item Details

  • 8.0 Megapixel (3 determination settings) 8mp/4mp/2mp
  • HD Video recording 5-180 seconds w/sound
  • Time Lapse Function with PIR Override
  • Fast Trigger Speed
  • 30 IR Emitters/80 ft range
  • Fast Set
  • Blasted Mode 1-9 pictures for each activating
  • 5-59 sec/0-59 min recuperation time out
  • Outside LCD status show
  • Time/Date/Moon Phase/Temperature
  • SD Card space up to 32GB
  • Test Mode
  • Low Battery marker
  • USB yield
  • Works on 8 AA batteries
  • Outer force jack for 12V battery box
  • Specialized Facts
  • Picture Sizes: 8 Megapixel, with 8mp/4mp/2mp choices, widescreen pictures for expanded FOV
  • Video: HD, 5 to 180 seconds in length in addition to sound.
  • Trigger Speed: 0.5 second “Reflex” trigger
  • Recuperation Speed: 9-10 seconds
  • Discovery Range: 80 feet
  • Streak Range: 30 IR Emitters and upto 70 feet
  • Batteries: Alkaline or Lithium Ion,  8 AA Batteries, .
  • Size: 5.5″ Tall, 4.0″ Wide, 2.5″ Deep
  • SD Card Slot: 32GB cards capacity.
  • Brisk Set Slider for Easy Setup Changes.
  • Battery Compartment with Eject Button.
  • 2 Line Backlit LCD Menu, with remotely perceivability.

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Stealth Cam G30 Reviews

Stealth Cam reviewsConvenience of Stealth Cam G30

While some cheap trail cameras are awkward to set up and utilize, the Stealth Cam G30 is certainly not one of them. Among all the Stealth cam reviews e have done, the G30 is the easiest and most natural to setup and utilize that you will probably very infrequently have the need to counsel the manual.

When you do look at the manual, you’ll find clear bearings on the most easiest method to arrange the camera with the ever helpful Quickset alternatives. Alongside 3 presets, you have the alternative of redoing your own setting to whatever fits your style of scouting.

Put in the AA batteries, mount it with the strap, and put the slider to the fancied setting, and you’re prepared to go. Check price on Amazon.


Picture and Video Quality of Stealth Cam G30

Stealth Cam G30 – The G30 highlights a 8 megapixel picture sensor, so pictures taken amid the day are satisfyingly fresh and clear. The G30 utilizes the same Retina innovation as the higher end Stealth Cam’s, and utilizes a delicate sensor with 30 IR emitters to catch great photographs even in the most minimal light.

Accordingly, night and night photographs, and those taken in the pouring precipitation, are as yet going to have great results. The camera likewise incorporates Matrix blur reduction, which diminishes the movement change that is very normal with other trail cams during the evening.

On some events, an evening photograph may turn out somewhat foggy when the game are moving, yet it’s unlikely that some other trail cam of the same cost would have the capacity to make a superior showing than the G30. This cam likewise takes video cuts in HD with sound, and they are pretty much as high in quality as the still photographs.

Stealth Cam G30 reviewsTrigger Performance of Stealth Cam G30

With an amazingly fast trigger speed thatis enhanced over past Stealth Cam models. It incorporates ½ second “Reflex™” trigger pace and a Burst mode that shoots up to 9 photographs for each activating in 5 to 59 second defers. I think the trigger velocity is shockingly quick for, for example, reasonable trail cam. Most clients ought to find that the 5 second recuperation time is totally satisfactory.

Battery Life of Stealth Cam G30

The G30 keeps running on 8 AA batteries (excluded), and can work for quite a long time on the same arrangement of batteries, which is extensively more than numerous other trail cams.

Make sure to utilize Alkaline or Lithium batteries. They ought to last over 6 months, and when you do really need to change the batteries, it is very straightforward because of the removable battery plate.

  • No inherent picture viewer
  • Picture quality is serviceable, however not great by and large
  • The recovery time is longer than anticipated


This is a camera that has certainly brought Stealth Cams into the present day age, in an aggressive manner. The case is truly strong, the battery case turns out and makes changing the batteries a breeze.

It has a “reduce blur” that really works well. The night pictures truly aren’t terrible for a trail camera either.

The daytime picture quality can vary. On the off chance that there is any sort of shade around the photos will be affected. They turn out great in the sun, yet there are a ton of examples when they appear to be to some degree out of center. The recovery time is long also. This is not in sync with such a fast trigger time.

This camera is very affordable in terms of price and performs truly well in general. The photo quality leaves a little to be craved, however you may discover it to suit your requirements quite well. I hope you liked our Stealth Cam reviews. Check price on Amazon.

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