Smokehouse Smoker Reviews 2019

Smokehouse Smoker Reviews 2019

smokerhouse smoker reviews

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker Review

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker

Smokehouse takes the phrase ‘old is gold’ to its literal meaning with the Little Chief Front Load Smoker. This all aluminium sided unit has been around for generations and still to this date is number one. It is a medium sized smoker compared to its other friends in the Smokehouse world. It is an electric smoker.

Advantages :

  • 250-watt element gives you the perfect amount of power and electricity to heat up the grill perfectly without any interruption. For its size, this is the best amount of power. The consistent low-temperature setting uses a 120V, 250W heating element for approximately 165 F.The smokers Capacity is that it can cook up to 25 pounds of meat or fish.
  • The smoker has four separate chrome plated grills which are perfectly designed for beef, fish, poultry, pork and all other types of game.
  • The grill is designed for outdoor use only. Perfect for any type of weather and durable for up to two years. The model is styled to impress. It is made fully of aluminium.
  • 24-1/2″ H x 11-1/2″ W x 11-1/2″ D.
  • Additional information:
  • Front loading electric smoker comes with recipe/instruction booklet and 1.75-pound bag of Chips n’ Chunks hickory flavour wood fuel. This allows you to get a head start and also gives you the inspiration to start cooking as soon as possible!
  • The smoker also comes with an additional electric cord, flavour pan, grilling racks, and smoker. The easy-slide chrome-plated grills; maximum capacity flavour fuel pan; dishwasher-safe drip pan are all included in the package.
  • No assembly required


  • Does not have a see-through the window.

Recommendation :

The Front Load Smoker has definitely been around for a while and that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the best smokers there is. With a two year warranty and a more than two-year durability, it is definitely something to invest your money on.

This all aluminium sided smoker is still the number one in the smoking world and it hasn’t gotten there for anything! The heat provided is standard and the 1.75-pound bag of Chips n’ Chunks hickory flavour wood fuel is an added bonus.

It also has an electric cord, flavour pan, grilling racks, and smoker.

Front loading electric smoker comes with recipe/instruction booklet as well, to help you get started with your smoking experience!

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Smokehouse Products Big Chief Top Load Smoker Review

Smokehouse Products Big Chief Top Load Smoker

This smoker is built for mobility and mobility alone. You can take this smoker out with you on your holidays or you can keep this bad boy in your backyard, or you could just keep the smoker at home! It doesn’t take up a lot of space.

It is perfectly designed for fish, beef, poultry, pork and all other game. It has removable racks which can also be adjusted to suit your cooking needs.

Whether you’re loading all your jerky onto the rack at once in the kitchen or moving a rack full of salmon around so you can fan dry the brined fish before you smoke it, the Top Load rack allows you mobility with all five grill racks at once!

This model includes all standard features of the Big Chief.

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Features :

  • The smoker has the power of 450-watt electricity, which allows you to heat up the whole smoker really nicely. Any foods from meat to vegetables can be cooked in this smoker. For its small size, 450 watts is a huge deal!
  • The Top Load is designed to fit all food items from fish, beef, poultry, pork and all other game to vegetables. The taste is so amazing that even the fussiest child will want to eat vegetables!
  • Dimensions and weight: The dimensions of this smoker are 24.5-inch height x 18-inch width x 12 inches and the shipping weight of the product is 21.7 pounds.
  • The smoker has five additional removable racks that smoke up to 50 pounds of food at a time!
  • Additional information: The smoker includes an electric cord, a flavour pan, some grilling racks, and smoker.


  • The Top Loader requires a little extra muscle to load & unload the rack through the top of the smoker, but it provides an added convenience to be able to move all your grill racks at once.


The Top Load is highly recommended for outdoor use. Don’t let its small size fool you! It’s packed with 450 watts of electricity that can heat up any food from meat to vegetables easily.

The top load allows you mobility with all five racks and we feel that that’s a real winner. For amazing, quality smoked food this is definitely your guy. It’s pretty sweet looking too!

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The Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator Review

 This product the ‘Smoke Chief’ is one of the excellent smokers to be around. This smoker is capable of turning any item into a great smoker. It is basically a generator for cold smoke which produces a large quantity of smoke. It is very user-friendly. Just add one cup the pellets of the BBQ to get continuous smoke up to three hours.

You can easily connect the product the ‘Smoke Chief’ to any kind of smoker grill or cabinet. Add the pellets and keep the lid closed. Then just plug in the unit in a 12V power (automotive)or household current. Then, turn the ‘Smoke Chief’ on. You will be amazed that it won’t even take you more than 2 minutes to experience ‘blowing smoke’ from the smoker.

This ‘Smoke Chief’ readily works using any BBQ pellets’ brand. However, the brand of BBQ pellets of ‘Smokehouse’ are the ones that are recommended by the company for brilliant results. This package of ‘Smoke Chief’ includes all that you essentially require for putting the ‘Smoke Chief’ to work immediately.

The package includes the smoke Chief hanger, smoke generator of the ‘Smoke Chief’, the tool for clean-out, power adapter of 110VAC/12VDC, the measuring jar of 8oz (full of BBQ pellets of Smokehouse) and the recipe or instruction book. This product is recommended for external or outdoor purposes only.

Key features:

  • The cold smoke can be added to a smoker cabinet or a grill.
  • It can be easily attached to any smoker or grill.
  • It can give an excellent flavor of smokiness to food even without altering the temperature.
  • It operates with power of 12V DC or 110V AC.
  • Pellets of a single cup can smoke continuously for 3 hours.
  • Its material type is Steel.
  • The Item weight is 7 lbs.
  • It is a multi-colored item.
  • Shipping of this product is absolutely free.


  • It is highly recommended for the beginners to the professional pit masters.
  • Generated smoke is perfect for its big interior space and provides a rich flavor to all meats.


  • The developed ashes and creosote must be cleaned upon use.


Smokehouse Big Chief 9894-RED Tuff-Coat Electric Front Load Meat Smoker Review

 Key Features: 

  • This product is manufactured in the USA.
  • Its size is 24-1/2 inches in height x 18 inches in Width x 12 inchesin Diameter.
  • It operates with a Heating Element of 120 V 450 W 4 Amp at 165 degrees.
  • It can be easily used in a standard household current of 110 V.
  • It has a Plug with a cord that is 3-Wire and attached to the body of the smoker.
  • It can smoke up a limit of 50 lbs fish or meat.
  • It is very user-friendly.
  • It includes a free book with complete instructions and a recipe booklet.
  • It includes free 1-3/4-pounds of a Wood Chips (natural) bag of Smokehouse
  • The item weight is 19.95 pounds.
  • Its material type is Aluminum.


  • The product is durable, has an embossed construction of Aluminum.
  • It is well-vented to ensure proper dehydration.
  • It needs no assembly.
  • It has 5 grills that are chrome plated, easily slide and are strong to hold 50 lbs of meat or fish.
  • It guarantees a 2-year period assuring it free from component or manufacturing fault.
  • It has been listed as Safe-UL, CUL, and CSA.


  • Ensure that you use a well installed circuit called the Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI).
  • It must be used only over a concrete or any other surface which is non-combustible.


Make sure you use the smoker at a minimum distance of 2 feet from any combustible material.

It should be only used outdoors.

Smokehouse Products Big Chief Red Powder Coated Front Load Smoker Review

(Item dimensions are 18 x 8 x 10 inches)


Nowadays, do you know the frustrating aspect about smoking an entire batch of fresh ribs, salmon, sausage, jerky or any other meat? It is thoroughly when your so-called smoker begins to behave in a crazy manner.

For example, when your smoker starts operating at temperatures that are fluctuating and due to this fluctuation when the chips or pellets of wood cease to smoke, or when you are striving to resolve a problem with its Bluetooth Wi-Fi connectivity or something like that. All these silly issues tend to ruin your mood and control your smoker in a crazy manner.

All these petty issues do not exist with our ‘Big Chief’ Smoker. The product has been doing well for such a long period of time since its first inception in the early 1960’s.

This product manages to maintain and hold up a very consistent low setting of temperature (i.e. 165 °F). This helps you to be aware that you are very well smoking the food at a low temperature and not simply cooking it. This smoker is a great relief from ruining an expensive and well-earned quantity of either sausages or salmon.

Key Features:

  • It has a capacity to smoke a weight of up to 50 lbs of fish or meat.
  • Its ventilation has been well engineered in order to provide ultimate smoke ventilation, smoke circulation as well as proper dehydration.
  • It easily operates at a very consistent low i.e.165 °F of temperature setting with a heating element of 120V and 450W.
  • It plugs conveniently into any typical household outlet.
  • It contains a flavor pan for wood chips and is very useful.
  • The product weight is 1.1 lbs
  • The product shipping weight is 21.7 lbs.
  • The material type of the product is Aluminum
  • Its source of power is wood.
  • With respect to safety certifications – The smoker is UL as well as CUL certified.


  • It is a great smoker for beginners.
  • It is very user-friendly.


  • It requires to be properly cleaned otherwise ends up smelling of the smoke.

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