Porter Cable c2002r Air Compressor Review

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Porter Cable c2002r Air CompressorPorter Cable c2002r Air Compressor Review – So as to counteract spillage, attachment and air coupler has been industrial facility introduced reporting in real time hose. Because of this you won’t need to add on the couplers yourself, rather it has been introduced as of now to decrease your endeavors and build the effectiveness of your compressor.

This spares work and in addition the time. The tank is a 6 gallon unit which highlights elastic feet and water channel valve for expanded strength. You can put it with no issues anyplace you require it.

The hotcake shape additionally tries to fulfill this and makes the compressor significantly more steady and durable to withstand any difficult to stay surfaces and places where it has been put or will be set.

The cover and handle are utilized to secure the indispensable segments of the unit, additionally making it less demanding to convey.

Porter Cable c2002r Air Compressor Review

At just 34 pounds and 18.3 x 18 x 19 crawls, the Porter-Cable C2002-WK electric engine air compressor is amazingly compact yet sufficiently effective to keep running as a stand-alone stationary unit.

Since the C2002-WK uses an incitement engine, the lifespan and execution of this air compressor make it one of the top models available.

Adding to the rough sturdiness of the Pancake Compressor are replaceable brushes intended to augment the engine life.

The engine is a delicate begin, implying that it can run right out of any standard home circuit board without blowing wires. Besides, you can energize the 6-gallon tank by running it at 3.5 SCFM—much speedier than practically identical models in this value range.

In any case, you won’t need to revive as regularly as with comparable units because of the 150 PSI most extreme weight that amplifies your aggregate run time.

There is an inherent High-Flo air controller to make preparations for expansive drops in weight and also a cut-in weight that gives you 30 additional PSIs when working at 120 PSI.

Add to that a 25-foot nylon hose, a tire throw, snappy coupler, plugs and a blow weapon and the 13 Piece Accessory Kit rounds off the aggregate bundle in compacted air conveyance.

Power of the Porter Cable c2002r:

Things may seem befuddling when you see that the Porter-Cable C2002-WK Pancake Compressor is evaluated at 0.8 running drive – which is not exactly the Campbell Hausfeld.

Actually any engine delivers more pull as it begins, however it then levels out. The two makers are utilizing distinctive estimations, however the compelling force is quite comparative.

The Porter-Cable additionally has a without oil engine, which is sans support yet is not as sturdy as an oil-filled model in the long haul.

Its 6 gallon tank limit is much greater, and at 34 pounds, it’s a reasonable piece heavier – in spite of the fact that that is still no extraordinary weight to move around.

Execution of the Porter Cable c2002r:

The flawlessly composed Porter-Cable C2002-WK Pancake Compressor can deliver more genuine gaseous tension – at up to 150 psi – and is evaluated at 2.6 CFM @ 90 psi, so it will drive a more extensive scope of frill than the Campbell Hausfeld.

This is likewise where the advantage of the bigger tank can be seen. In the event that you have a six gallon hold, you can convey more compacted air for more.

While it takes a while to fill the tank, once it is done the pump doesn’t need to function as hard or as frequently so as to keep it topped up and to keep up working weight.

Highlights of the Porter Cable c2002r:

You get especially the same arrangement of adornments with the Porter-Cable C2002-WK Pancake Compressor as you do with the Campbell Hausfeld, aside from that the hose is not the backlash sort and in this way doesn’t get the same negative remarks.

The dials are advantageously situated and are anything but difficult to peruse, there’s a helpful formed handle to make it more agreeable to bear, and the compressor has a general look of value about it, which is nothing unexpected given Porter-Cable’s notoriety.

The low amp engine is extraordinary with frosty begins furthermore guarantees that it doesn’t trip breakers by over-burdening them. Uncommonly on a “home use” compressor, there are two outlets – showing that you can run two apparatuses in the meantime.

In fact it’s a component that few proprietors have discovered especially great in such a minimal unit.

Cost of the Porter Cable c2002r:

List cost for the Porter-Cable C2002-WK Pancake Compressor is quite high, however you get it at a very good price on Amazon.


In any case, there is one machine here that punches over its weight, and it’s the great minimal Porter-Cable. It looks great, originates from a maker with an incredible fame for quality and solidness, and has huge yield for such a low price.

Consider the present expense, and you have a great value/execution bundle. Clients push that it’s critical to take after the break-in method, however once it gets going the unit is blameless and reliably meets or surpasses proprietors’ desires. It is certainly one of the best esteem air compressor available today.

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