Paul Mitchell Flat Iron Hair Straightener

The paul mitchell flat iron has ion-added plates. This helps the flat iron to change your hair from its existing frizzy straw look into and soft, luxurious locks. View detailed reviews on Amazon of the Paul Mitchell Flat Iron here.

This flat iron has many additional features which complements its primary purpose of straightening the hair. It can also give you a professional curl, flip, and wave to your hair. This is a tool you need to have a new look and a new style each day.

The hair straightener can also be used for color-treated hair as it has very high quality. Most flat irons cant be used as they can reduce the quality and moisture of the hair.

Paul Mitchell Flat Iron Hair Straightener 2016 -2017


  • The ionic plates in the paul mitchell flat iron seal the moisture into the hair. This helps increase the strength of the har and improves the shine and the volume. The texture too improves. You can use the paul mitchell hair straightener equally for perfectly straight hair, or for shiny, perfect curls
  • At only one pound, this paul mitchell flat iron is in my opinion the lightest branded flat irons on the market.
  • The one-inch straightening plates of the paul mitchell flat iron are cushioned to prevent snagging of your hair and pulling of the hair. They are also infused with silicone. This helps the plates both grip the hair well and let it slide smoothly across the hot ceramic plates.
  • The ionic-added plates help to reduce the static which is created. This improves the overall smoothness and shininess of hair.
  • The unit comes only in silver and is stamped with the distinctive Paul Mitchell logo.

View detailed reviews on Amazon of the Paul Mitchell Flat Iron here.


  • The paul mitchell flat iron efficiently straightens your hair without any snag or pull. This creates a soft, voluminous texture.
  • Unlike many other flat irons that could leave hair feeling crisp, the paul mitchell hair straightener gives your hair a nice and shiny feel and the after iron of your hair is soft and gentle.
  • With a standard heat flow and a wide range of temperatures that you can choose from, the paul mitchell flat iron  makes it very easy to get the best straightening on any type of hair that you have. This ranges from very fine to very coarse thick hair.
  • The slim, sexy design that the flat iron has makes it perfect for flat ironing even the shortest hair, and for straightening out those irritating kinks close to your scalp.


  • The higher heat settings can possibly leave the fine hair on your head feeling fried. Some women say that the silicone strips which are on the straightening plates actually grip and pull their hair. This is opposite to the required effect of creating a silky, straight finish.
  • If you have very thick, curly hair, this isn’t the best flat iron for you, as considering experience, silicone strips could snag at your hair as you pass it through the iron.
  • Though they are designed to help the hair flow easily, some women find that it actually does the very opposite. This is especially seen when straightening very curly hair often which often require you to clamp the flat iron firmly on the hair.

Paul Mitchell Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Our Take

If your hair is thick, wavy or straight , this flat iron is the best one for you. If you also want a multipurpose hair styling product which can replace almost any other styling implement you may need.

You can use this paul mitchell flat iron  even on damp hair when you are just out of the shoer as the flat iron seals moisture into the hair rather than steaming it away. This will reduce the time you will take for styling. It can also cut down on heat damage which the use of other products may cause. It is extremely good in terms of value for money. It is a well-built, fully- functional iron, that will help you create soft and beautiful hair for years to come.

View detailed reviews on Amazon of the Paul Mitchell Flat Iron here.

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