Masterbuilt MB20073716 Review

Are you someone who enjoys campfire with a deliciously seasoned barbeque? If you do, then the Masterbuilt MB20073716 Patio-2-Portable Electric Smoker is an ideal one.

It’s portable which makes it easy to enjoy smoked food at any of your favorite locations. Even if you are not an outdoor person, Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is perfect for indoor cooking as well. Enjoy smoking delicious and lip smacking Chicken, turkey and pork on your next holiday or weekend.

Just plug in the smoker into an electric socket and enjoy your time with family and friends. The heating element in this electric smoker is 1400 watt with a corded electric power source.

If you’re a beginner the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is just the right thing for you. You can cook smoked food like a professional without any hassles or worrying about burning the food.

Just make a good seasoning and set the right temperature and enjoy smoking indoors or outdoors. If you love smoked food, this Masterbuilt MB20073716 Patio-2-Portable Electric Smoker is an ideal grab for you.


Easy to use :

There are two smoking racks that are chrome-coated. The legs of the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker can be folded to store in a safe place. It is portable and can easily be transported to your favourite locations.

You don’t have to worry about adding charcoal or dangers of gas. Just switch it on and enjoy a great barbequed food.

Design and Look :

The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker looks amazing in the colour back and the design is quite compact. The colour doesn’t easily fade away and it will stay on for years.

Temperature Controls :

It is easy to control the temperature. It has a built-in temperature gauge.

It is easy to regulate and all you need to do is set the temperature on the analog control and leave the rest to the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker.

Price :

In comparison to other electric smokers, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is quite reasonable.

With such great features you might expect the price to be in medium to high range, but surprisingly, it is reasonably cheap.


Thin metal and small unit :

It may look like a thinner metal and units may look smaller.

Keep away from sun :

Keep the electric smoker away from direct scorching sun rays and use it in the shade.


Electric smokers are convenient to use and require less maintenance. The Masterbuilt MB20073716 Patio-2-Portable Electric smoker is portable and you can take them anywhere. The price is quite reasonable for a quality product with such great features. It cooks juicy and flavourful meat which you would love to enjoy with your family and friends.

It’s an easy to use smoker that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Just plug into an electric outlet and have a good time around family and friends. The electric smoker wouldn’t require supervision like the charcoal or propane smoker.

It only requires undisturbed electric supply and you just need to set in the right temperature. Also, the wastage is quite less compared to other smokers and so it is easy to clean up.

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