Masterbuilt 20071117 Review

Here’s presenting to you Masterbuilt 20071117 30″ which works as a solution to all you’re culinary problems. This product is for those who like to cook with precision. It combines both inner and outer features to accomplish your cooking requirements.

The major reason why this digital electric smoker has created a niche for itself is due to the fact that it is handy in nature. It is well suited (to what?) and gives you a hassle-free experience while cooking. Apart from these points, we can point out to you many more reasons as to why you should own this product. Browse further to understand more features of the product and also why should you purchase it.

Why should you buy this product?

Masterbuilt is known for its unwavering reputation to lead and let others follow. Therefore, why would you miss this great opportunity of purchasing a product which helps to improve your cooking experience?

Also, since the world is changing you need to cope with the changes. Selecting a mediocre appliance will not stand a chance as changes need to be remarkable and with improvements.

Masterbuilt 1117 30” provides you with an (This sentence doesn’t make sense). All this provides proper evidence for the need to purchase the 20071117 30” digital electric smoker model.


  • Model number is 20071117
  • Dimensions are 33.27 x 20.47 x 19.88 inches.
  • Weight: 39.34 pounds
  • Controls up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit

Attributes and Advantages

The Masterbuilt 1117 30” has many attributes that improve the function of the product which as a result makes it different from other products. As it consists of a distinctive digital panel, multiple elements can be controlled such as time and temperature.

It consists of four racks which are chrome coated that (helps it to resist corrosion) and helps in easy and efficient cleaning. This chrome coated feature provides an appealing look as well as provides enough area for all culinary needs.

It has a patented chip-loading system that helps the user to save time by not having to open the whole appliance while adding the wood chips, as everything is automated.

Another feature of the product is that it consists of an integrated thermostat temperature control, that ensures even and consistent smoking, which ultimately makes cooking easier and saves time. Finally, due to all these amazing features, you end up with a splendid meal and with a content heart.

The added advantage of purchasing this 20071117 30” is that the smoking chips come along with the smoker which is great and a good start for a new user and yet the appliance is cost-effective. (try to make smaller sentences. Break it up. E.g: The added advantage of purchasing this 20071117 30” is that the smoking chips come along with the smoker. This makes it a good start for a new user. Even though the smoking chips are free, the appliance is cost-effective)

The Masterbuilt is rated highly for its fully insulated body which makes it different from the other conventional smokers.

The whole body from top to bottom is insulated which ensures safety for beginners which cannot be compared to other smokers even though they are also insulated but not with similar perfection.

For whom is the 20071117 30” electric smoker designed?

This product can be used by the following types of users as it is multifaceted.


Due to its patented chip loading system which is automated and handy, it is convenient for newbies as well as experts making it a great equipment to own.

Restaurant Owners:

A restaurant is a place where people are always on their toes, especially in the kitchen as they have to utilize time that is available for them to the maximum. This is exactly where Masterbuilt can be used to its full potential since it is easy to use.

Home-based Users:

It is an indescribable pleasure you enjoy while using the 20071117 30” as it works with such ease. The temperature and time can be controlled using the control panel along with turning the smoker on and off effortlessly.

The equipment is a delight to work with. Even if you are an occupied professional or a person who just enjoys cooking at home. This is a n excellent choice to go with.

The Masterbuilt 30” is known for being a genuine and authentic electric smoker model. But this authenticity is something that has been unsure for a long period of time which led us to go ahead with a survey to receive feedback from users on the overall performance of the appliance while comparing it to others.

The questions asked by the customers along with how they responded to with comments about the product efficiency, were star rated and reviewed.

It was revealed that the customer satisfaction had various aspects. The ratings reflected highly satisfied customers according to the above average star ratings.

The most repetitive questions asked by the consumers were “how do we purchase an additional 20071117 30” digital model, my friend wanted to purchase one, as he saw it and was impressed”.

That’s how we found out that, Masterbuilt is indeed a product that works according to the needs of the consumer.




To summarize, digital electric smoker Masterbuilt 20071117 30” is one amidst the top brands in the market today. The brand is what supports the reason as to why you should own one of these. All its features are fused together to produce a versatile product as it can cater to various categories of users.

The appliance works like a piece of cake, especially for home-based smokers, but also its excellent feature of total food capacity makes it a star in restaurants too.

A winner always makes the right choices as tools. Keeping in mind the fact that this Masterbuilt is an equipment with efficient nature and simplified functionality, you will only benefit from purchasing it. Great results have been already testified and you wouldn’t want to be left behind. Therefore, purchase this amazing equipment from Masterbuilt and join the winners to change your dreams into reality.

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