Makita Mac700 Air Compressor Review

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Makita Mac700 Air Compressor Review

Makita Mac700 ReviewMakita’s line of air compressors are understood for a couple of things, one of them being the Big Bore pump cast iron chamber and cylinders which are uncommonly built to expand yield like no other compressor in its size class.

The Big Bore additionally puts out less commotion and enhances wind stream for better nearby execution.

This is a mechanical force electric air compressor that keeps running on a 2.0 HP engine yet is still considered semi-compact as a stationary unit tipping the scales at 60 pounds.

The MAC700 is known for the higher bore and stroke yield, both of which build pressure, decrease commotion and make quicker recuperation times.

Makita MAC700 is an oil-greased up air compressor. This implies it requires oil changes. You likewise need to introduce the oil filler top and the air channel gave when setting up this unit. At that point filled it with oil on the sight glass roughly to the center of the red spot.

In spite of the fact that you have to check the level of oil staying before working it, oil mean life span. Oil greased up air compressors generally have longer life ranges contrasted and oil-less models.

DIY individuals may feel that Makita MAC700 is not suited for them and lean toward oil-less models. In any case, in all actuality it has been used by numerous mortgage holders and specialists without issues.

There are numerous individuals who have acknowledged at last that oil filled compressors are not by any means that much bother. In addition, the Makita compressor have oil deplete and oil sight glass that are all around situated.

From a full-time woodworker, a redesigning temporary worker, a home shop proprietor to a weekend jack of all trades, all gave positive remarks about Makita MAC700.

Individuals have utilized it for filling tires, encircling nailers, pumping up a fairly expansive inflatable pool, cleaning RC autos and doing various other little activities. Click here to peruse what they said in regards to this machine.

Makita MAC700 draws low amps. As you most likely are aware, the expansion in current draw can trip electrical switch. Numerous comparable instruments available draw heaps of force, especially when they start up. At the point when a vast current is available in the wire, a voltage drop will happen.

You will have less voltage accessible to your lights and the lights will diminish. This is not the situation with this model. A client reported that it drew just shy of 12 amps on full load.

What about the clamor level?

Though there isn’t anything like a noiseless air compressor, I can confidently say that the Makita MAC700 is one of the calmest compressors available today. It appears this unit is particularly intended to work discreetly, with as meager commotion as could reasonably be expected.

A considerable measure of analysts were inspired with its clamor level which is around 80db. As you most likely are aware, numerous different items accompany no less than 90db. At the end of the day, in spite of the fact that it is not a noiseless, totally calm compressor, with no stable by any means, the clamor level is exceptionally endurable.

This unit keeps running at just 1750 RPM which is lower than most aggressive items. Notwithstanding this, the feet have elastic dampers to diminish vibration. To assist decrease the commotion, it might be a smart thought to keep it on a covered surface.

With its weight of around 52 lbs, bearing this compressor would not be so natural. There are different models that have comparable specs however accompany less weight. However, it ought to be noticed that that weight originates from its strong, cast-iron development.

Its weight likewise guarantees that it won’t vibrate uncontrollably and deliver much clamor while being utilized. Notwithstanding this, this oil-filled compressor additionally includes a decent handle get together and takes up almost no floor space. Taking into account numerous commentators, the weight is still reasonable.

All things considered, bunches of purchasers were exceptionally satisfied with their buy. They particularly loved the low clamor level and the quick recuperation time.

Clearly, in the event that you are searching for a fabulous air compressor to possess that gives esteem for cash, then it might be justified regardless of your opportunity to check what others have said in regards to this huge bore air compressor. Click here to peruse more about the huge bore 2.0 HP air compressor.

The external body of the unit is a solid metal development, worked to withstand the tests of even the most tiresome work sites and situations. This is a genuine worker’s air compressor, utilizing the oil-greased up pump to run cooler and at only half of the RPM comparative units keep running at.

This outcomes in life span for both the pump and engine and additionally bring down general clamor yield. The pump itself has a car channel which builds the air consumption, enhancing general productivity.

With only a 2.6 gallon tank, the MAC700 can support a 130 PSI operation weight notwithstanding conveying a 3.8 CFM (40 PSI) and 3.3 CFM (90 PSI) impact.

Try not to stress over stumbled breakers and voltage drop creating your engine to fizzle rashly in light of the fact that this Makita has a low AMP draw.

This air compressor conveys most extreme execution to the clients using a cast iron pump with cylinders and huge bore barrel, in mix with more prominent bore and stroke. Because of this substantial obligation assembled, and a more noteworthy bore and lower RPM limit, it conveys a more elevated amount execution with a base upkeep necessity.

The pump has a RMP estimation of 1,720 while it is shockingly tranquil in its operation. This takes into consideration more prominent uprooting at lower RPM. With a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from untimely engine harm, this engine utilizes low amp draw which successfully lessens rates of voltage drop and stumbled breakers.

It can without much of a stretch start up utilizing low voltage inputs to have a superior and reliable running the distance amid the work. The structure and plan elements and handle to convey the compressor effortlessly and a four feet backing to put the compressor set up without having a shot of slipping or getting stumbled.

So as to minimize wear, oil greased up pump is utilized which likewise gives better The oil sight glass has been placed in a way that makes it advantageous and simple to know the oil level every once in a while. It has a speedy setting coupler for a wide assortment of applications.This additionally accompanies 1 year guarantee.

Unique in relation to the Porter Cable decision over, this Makita MAC700 is somewhat heavier, however the pleasantly outline handle bar extraordinarily minimizes this issue.

Its energy yield has a higher reach than that of Porter Cable C2002, making it a solid match for both jack of all trades and a little workshop.

The Big Bore novel outline guarantees extraordinary force and strength, while keeping up a generally low clamor for your simple workplace.


  • Oiled pump guarantees longer lifetime.
  • Top notch development all through, particularly the welded handle.
  • The unit can go from vacant to 130PSI in less than one moment.
  • The elastic feet mean vibrations are minimized.
  • Can reconstruct weight from cut in, in under 20 seconds.


  • In spite of the fact that it’s a “versatile” compressor, it’s one of the heaviest available.
  • It can be clumsy to convey as a result of the size and weight, so the normal individual would require a pushcart or dolly to help with moving the unit.
  • The manual is not useful for unpracticed clients.
  • The half obligation cycle is not exactly the 75% obligation cycle of numerous contending without oil compressors.


Makita is a name that makes you consider hard wearing gear. Thankfully, on account of the MAC700 the name holds true.

Makita have assembled a unimaginably well fabricated bundle with satisfactory wind current for home DIY use. A few things do disappoint the unit, and may make it less appropriate for you.

The poor manual will disappoint a few clients, and the weight will make it illogical for others.

Finally, keeping the above aside, you will discover one of the best compressors accessible in the sub-$300 value range.

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