Makita MAC5200 Review

Makita MAC5200 Review – Check below the features, performance, power and price of the Matika Air Compressor. You can also check complete reviews and Price on Amazon.

Makita MAC5200 Review

Makita MAC5200The Makita MAC5200 is a 3.0 strength low power air compressor intended to meet the general and assorted needs of the family unit. Makita, which will commend its 100th commemoration since establishing this year, is ostensibly a standout amongst the most famous creators of modern instruments and apparatuses including air compressors.

With the compressor you are guaranteed of one of Makita’s ideal and most regarded of items, worked for mechanical force and strength. It accompanies a 50 feet of 3/8-inch air hose, instrument holders.

This audit of the Makita MAC5200 enormous bore 3.0 hp air compressor would express its components. It will also look at the focal points and difficulties of having this helpful apparatus before closing with an assessment on the reasonableness of the MAC5200. You can also check complete reviews and Price on Amazon.

Components of the Makita MAC5200


The pump is made of cast iron barrel. The MAC5200’s 3.0 strength engine accompanies its own particular indispensable warm over-burden. The impact is additional stronghold, more prominent rate on recuperation and enhanced toughness in the hardest conditions.


It accompanies apparatus holders and an inbuilt segment for putting away air fittings and extras. Likewise included are a wire hose wrap and a convenient oil channel. These add solace to the utilization of this air compressor and guarantee that it makes a less muddled environment.

Flexible Design 

It is intended for high efficiency with restricted requirement for upkeep and improved capacity to work in different employment site conditions.

Enhanced Tank Drain Valve

It accompanies a tank channel valve, intended for simplicity of upkeep that surpasses the fundamental petcock outline.


The air compressor wheels are intended for jobsite transportability with their rough nature guaranteeing that they ease versatility whilst being strong. Likewise the collapsing handle takes into consideration ease in putting away the compressor. This makes the Makita MAC5200 an exceptionally reduced and compact air compressor fit for fitting in anyplace.

Weight and Size

The compressor is quite smaller than industry standard as it measures 29 x 19.5 x19 inches. It weighs 104.4 pounds. Regardless of this somewhat substantial weight, since the wheels of the air compressor are tough it makes it easily moveable.

Rating and Capacity

The Makita MAC5200 is worked to be a convenient air compressor. This is the motivation behind why the wheels were included for jobsite portability. It is power controlled appraised at 120V and running at 13.8 amperes.


This air compressor accompanies oil and a quarter inch all inclusive fast coupler.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Makita MAC5200

Pros of Makita MAC5200

  • Quick compressor which recoups rapidly.
  • Great stockpiling condo for nails and different extras.
  • Solid hard elastic wheels with no requirement for airing.

Cons of Makita MAC5200

  • It keeps running on compressor oil (1811 22-A) which is somewhat costly.
  • The air compressor has a tendency to be somewhat boisterous incompletely because of its bigger form.
  • It is substantial for its level of execution.
  • Conclusion

Conclusion of Makita MAC5200 Review

The Makita MAC5200 is one of the best of the best. Outfitted with a major bore and a 3 drive compressor, this item comes very suggested if you require any best air compressor fit for working in the most tough of conditions. Its capacity to recoup rapidly after utilize, the procurement of a capacity compartment for nails and other like materials and the strong hard elastic wheels that get rid of the requirement for airing found in contending results of a comparative nature, are positives that don’t go unnoticed. You can also check complete reviews and Price on Amazon.

More Details:

This is a mechanical device that positively comes as a decent purchase. Subsequently, the impairments of the Makita MAC5200, for example, its tumult and overwhelming weight are what subtract a half check from a flawless rating of five.

The Makita MAC5200 has a 3.0 HP, and a 3420 RPM engine which has a bigger bore. It has a more drawn out stroke than normal. Dislodged CFM (DCFM) is the result of bore, stroke and RPM. On the off chance that all variables (temperature, moistness, and so on) are equivalent, a compressor with a higher DCFM conveys more air than the one with a lower esteem. It has a bigger cylinder breadth so it has a more drawn out separation, this compressor can convey more prominent yield.

Intended for individuals who require an air compressor which is anything but difficult to wheel, this instrument can be utilized for different undertakings, from running two confining nailers to extinguishing a sprinkler framework. since it uses the 6.5 SCFM which is at 90 PSIG, it has an assortment of air apparatuses that can be fueled by this air compressor.

The following are various components and specs of this oil-greased up air compressor:

– 3 HP (top), 3420 RPM Motor

– Cast iron chamber

– 6.9 SCFM at 40 PSIG

– 6.5 SCFM at 90 PSIG

– 140 PSI most extreme weight

– 110 PSI cut-in weight

– 140 PSI cut-out weight

– Voltage – single stage 120V

– 13.8 amperage draw

– 5.2 gallon tank limit

– half obligation cycle

– Measures 29″x19″x19-1/2″

– 88 lbs net weight

– Roll-confine development

– Tool holders

– Compartment that is Built away

The Makita MAC5200 (Big Bore air compressor) has gotten numerous positive surveys from its buyers at

The Makita MAC5200 is a standout amongst the most prevalent air compressors in its class today. Numerous clients have been inspired with the item. In any case, a few commentators on have made negative comments about it, which we will now talk about for your advantage.

There are various protests about the wheels. A few clients said that they had got lousy, modest plastic wheels. A client needed to supplant the first with another model that accompanies strong elastic tire with steel focus. In any case, it appears Makita has changed the development of this part and it appears to be present clients are very content with it.

Couple of grumblings have additionally been made about the commotion produced by this air compressor. With 90 dB clamor level, most likely the Makita MAC5200 is not the calmest air compressor available. In any case, as should be obvious here, the sound level of this item is still middle of the road by numerous clients. A few analysts have contended that this machine is calmer than the ones they have ever claimed.

In spite of the negative input that we have seen over, the Makita MAC5200 has various attributes that have awed the clients.

For instance, the commentators have acutely communicated their thankfulness for the recuperation time of this air compressor. They have been inspired by the capacity of the pump in energizing the tank.

The development of this unit has likewise made a positive impact on the client base. Albeit few of them have found that the Makita MAC5200 is somewhat front overwhelming, they are fulfilled by the strong development of the air compressor.

Other positive remarks that have been made incorporate those in connection to the extra components of the machine. They like the capacity compartment and the hose stockpiling gave. The collapsing handle is likewise a major in addition to for them.

In view of the surveys, there is probably the stars exceed the cons.

Obviously the Makita MAC5200 has an extraordinary execution. Numerous reports have depicted that the air compressor has a capacity to drive different air devices.

Like whatever other model, this one is not totally impeccable. In any case, the client criticism has been entirely reassuring. If you are looking for a model which is reasonable for a scope of utilizations, then we suggest that you ought to consider putting resources into this huge bore air compressor. You can also check complete reviews and Price on Amazon.

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