Lynx Sonoma Review – 30-inch Stainless Steel Freestanding Propane Gas Smoker On Mobile Kitchen Cart

Lynx Sonoma Review – The Lynx Sonoma is a 30-inch gas smoker which is made of Stainless Steel. It is a Freestanding Smoker grill which is powered by propane gas. It can be moved around as it has a mobile kitchen cart.

Lynx SonomaWith the Lynx Sonoma you experience extraordinary value and premium performance. It is a top notch gas smoker from Lynx. More than a smoker grill, the Lynx Sonoma is a food smoking system. It helps you to go from beginner to expert level in smoking very easily. Check its latest price on Amazon.


  • Control Panel
  • App Control
  • Strong
  • Good Capacity
  • Large wood chip tray


  • Heavy


1. Control Panel: The Lynx Sonoma is very easy to use with the Intuitive LCD control panel that it has. It gives real time info. This removes the guesswork out of smoking.

2. App Control: You can control the Lynx Sonoma via a mobile App from your Android or Iphone.

3. Strong: The Lynx Sonoma is made of stainless steel. This makes it great in terms of durability and can last for generations.

4. Capacity: With double racks, it has more than enough room to smoke half a dozen baby back ribs together.

5. Large wood chip tray: You can smoke on the Lynx Sonoma for over 6 hours without a wood refill.


1. Heavy: One of the problems of the Sonoma is that it is HEAVY at 338 pounds. This is because of the stainless steel body. It however, has a mobile kitchen cart so you can move it around on it.

Lynx Sonoma – Recommendations

The Lynx is an excellent piece of art that you can add to your kitche. You will love the look, it has amazing strength and durability. It is modern, stylish and easy to use with its controls. It uses smart technology and you can operate it from a distance too since you can operate it via the app on your phone. All in all an excellent choice. Check its latest price on Amazon.

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