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Moultrie M880 Reviews & M880i reviews – We will be reviewing the best infrared game cameras i.e. Moultrie 880 and the Moultrie 880i. Infrared trail cameras have made a revolution in the game camera industry especially the no low technology based Infrared game camera. You can check the latest price of Moultrie 880 on Amazon and the Moultrie 880i on Amazon.

They have a excellent way of working, they understand the heat emitted by the bird or animal or bird and based on it, they activate the camera and click the images.

infrared trail camera reviews

Not only the amount of heat bit also the color and shape of the animal can be identified by the infra red trail camera by the infrared radiation that is emitted when the waves bounce against the object. The camera is then triggered by a sensor instead of the flash which activated a LED panel. And using the no glow technology, Infrared Trail Cameras can click images without ever scaring the wildlife. In addition to having great sensor ability, it also has a long battery life.

Moultrie 880 and the Moultrie 880i

Moultrie M880i

The Moultrie M-880 – Game Camera (2014 Model) is a capable mid reach trail camera. It has all the elements that are required for wildlife life photography.

The Game camera M-880 is fit for catching photographs rapidly when it recognizes any movement. It has a really decent trigger time of around 0.8 seconds. It accompanies three methods of operations, which permits it to have great control as per the need of the client.

There are just couple of contrasts between M-880 and M-880i. The Moultrie M-880i uses No glow technology infrared LEDs, when contrasted with red glow technology infrared LEDs utilized as a part of M-880.

Their range of flash extends to 70 feet and 100 feet separately.

Moultrie M-880 review

Features of the Moultrie M880:

  • Trigger Speed: 0.8 second
  • Recuperation time: 5.2 seconds
  • Discovery Range: 50 feet
  • Streak Range: 100 feet/70 feet
  • Batteries: 8 AA batteries
  • Measurement: 6 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches

Detection Circuit of the M880 and M880i – Infrared trail camera reviews:

infrared game camera reviews

The location circuit of Moultrie M-880 works truly well. The production cases have a scope of 50 feet. It distinguishes every feature of the game inside 40 feet.

With regards to the night vision, it has two methods of operation of glow. In the Extended mode the photo gets obscured in every one of the ranges other than the inside 40% territory of the picture however utilizing this mode you can accomplish greatest flash area. In the other mode it performs entirely well.

The camera has three operational modes: Motion detection mode, Time-lapse mode and Hybrid mode.

In the movement identify mode, it takes picture when PIR movement sensor is activated by any movement. The camera likewise has alternatives for the multi-shot per trigger, permitting it to take up to 3 photographs for each trigger.

In the Time-slip mode, it just catches a picture at the interim indicated by the client. It permit client to take photographs at least in interim of 10 sec.

In this infrared trail camera reviews, we saw that, in the hybrid mode the camera will catch the pictures at the predefined time interim and additionally it will be activated by the movement sensor. It has a wide field view angle of 50 degrees. The camera is much better than its peers in the recovery time aspect. You can check the latest price of Moultrie 880 on Amazon and the Moultrie 880i on Amazon.

Still Resolutions of the Image :

  • Low – 1280 x 720
  • Medium – 1920 x 1080
  • High – 2688 x 1512
  • Enhanced – 3840 x 2160 (It has 4- settings)
  • Video resolutions of the camera:
    VGA – 640 x 480
    HD – 1280 x 720 (2-settings)

Picture Quality 

It has an excellent picture quality with a 8 –megapixel sensor and numerous settings to change the res from high to low. It has a movement Freeze setting that lessens blurring in the evening time photographs.

Battery and Power Options

It can work with 8-AA cells, where you can likewise put rechargeable batteries. It can be controlled with 12 – volt DC outer power too. It isn’t furnished with a solar based panel or any other natural rechargeable source, which is a downside. In any case, with the 8 AA soluble batteries it can take around 13,500 photographs.


The camera has all the features you may be looking for in an IR game camera. It uses the Eye-Fi marked SD card, which permits it to connect with a Wi-Fi system and the camera can specifically transfer photographs to the web. It is additionally furnished with a computerized security lock.


M-880 is strong and vigorous camera. The controls are exceptionally easy to use. There is a LCD to show all the settings such that the client can explore through them with ease.


The cost of the M-880 is one of the cheapest as compared to other infrared game cameras we have reviewed.


The Moultrie M-880 and M880i are among the best trail camera I have checked and we consider it the best for our infrared trail camera reviews. It takes better than average photographs, the configuration of the camera is excellent and even on dropping it a couple times it was working. It is one of the best high end camera. If you need one which will not disturb the game, one which the game will not even be aware of its presense, go for the M880i no glow infrared trial camera. If you are fine with the game getting a bit spooked with the flash, go for the M880 infrared trial camera. But either one is great. You can check the latest price of Moultrie 880 on Amazon and the Moultrie 880i on Amazon.

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