HSI Flat Iron 2016 – 2017

The HSI flat iron’s best feature is that it has amazing frizz reducing power. While you may get other flat irons which are cheaper but they make your hair more frizzy. This is because there is static electricity created on the shaft of the hair straightener as the plates pass through the hair. The HSI Professional flat iron instead smooths, seals, and repeals the static electricity with its latest ion technology. View detailed reviews on Amazon of the HSI Flat Iron here.

It also has an excellent and very fast heating up mode. This helps you reduce the time you spend on doing your hair.

Earlier, the norm was that you would turn on your flat iron and then leave it on to heat. Then you would take a shower in the meanwhile or get dressed and then iron your hair.

This is risky as if you are like me, you could forget that you left it on and result in a burnt iron.

With the HIS flat iron, you can now directly plug it in and in a few short seconds have a perfectly hot iron to start your styling process.

HSI Flat Iron 2016 – 2017



  • This 1-inch flat iron comes in a black, rounded case.
  • The plates themselves are made of ceramic and contain added tourmaline and ions.
  • This gives you much smoother hair and results in less snagging.
  • The handle has an excellent grip and it comes with a special dual voltage which allows you to use it any where in the world. This helps a lot if you are travelling to other countries where the plu system may not be as your on.
  • The power cord is very long at over seven feet long. It swivels easily and that helps you use the hair straightener from any angle that you choose.
  • The plates are positioned high in the casing. This makes it easy for you to clamp a particular section of hair. The possibility the the plates will get in the way of the casing too is low.
  • The heat controls are adjusted by a + and – and a digital read out.
  • In addition to the standard 1-inch model, there is a 1.25-inch and a 1-inch which does not have a read out for the digital temperature.
  • The heats on all the models are impressive with a range from 140 degrees to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.


View detailed reviews on Amazon of the HSI Flat Iron here.



  • This is rightly one of the most widely loved and used flat hair straighteners. It is used widely in both homes and hair salons.
  • It heats up very quickly, it has a consistent heat output, and with its tourmaline-added plates will help smoothen rather than damage your hair.
  • The HSI flat iron is excellent when it comes to various types of hair as it has a whole range of temperatures so that you can use it on fine hair, or very thick and curly hair.
  • Additionally the plates are ionized hence they will not empty your hair’s moisture. Instead, it will help seal it in.
  • The rounded casing makes it very stylish and you can create a lot of styles with your flat iron rather than just the standard pin-straight style.



  • The HSI flat iron’s one main issue is that it does not maintain its high heats very effectively.
  • It is equipped with the ability to perceive that it is not at its required heat and then you will be alerted with its indicator (green and red lights).
  • You will have to keep a watch for that and there may have to be a delay in each section of the hair until it gets to full heat.

HSI flat iron

Our Vote

This is by far the best of the high end market flat irons. The advantage is that it works excellently with all the types of hair which makes it a winner in a beauty parlour and in your home with your girl friends.

The issue of heat settings arises only at very high heat levels and even then the delay which happens is only for a few seconds at the most.

Even if you will be using it at one of the higher settings, the HSI flat iron will still straighten your hair much faster and give you a much better result than any other flat iron in the market.

View detailed reviews on Amazon of the HSI Flat Iron here.

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