ghd Hair Straightener 2016 – 2017

ghd Hair Straightener – With the ceramic heaters and the aluminium plates that the ghd flat iron hair straightener is one of the best Hair Straightener that is on the market. Even if you have very little experience with using flat irons and still want a professional result, this is the perfect flat iron for you. Check ghd Hair Straightener reviews on Amazon

ghd Hair Straightener 2016 – 2017


The ghd hair straightener is equipped with excellent aluminium plates and great ceramic heaters for the advanced heat conduction and great static-free hair. It also has ions to seal the hair shaft.
The gold aluminium plates which they use help to discharge any static electricity. The black casing which it has is rounded like a curling iron. This helps as not only a hair straightener butalso as ahair curler so you can iron the hair and then either curve it towards your face or away from your face. You can also offcourse make your hair perfectly pin straight if that is the style that you desire.

Check ghd Hair Straightener reviews on Amazon


This ghd hair straightener is widely considered to be one of the best flat irons available. Especially if you have very frizzy hair, this, I’m sure is the perfect product for you.
The iron wipes away frizz with a single pass down your hair. The heat settings on this iron are perfect for most hair types. This helps you to perfect any style in less than half an hour that you may have.
Some women have to first straighten their hair and then use a curling appliance to create perfect curls. This ghd hair straightener along with straightening your hair allows you to also curl your hair with the same appliance and without statically charging your hair or damaging the hair.


You may not be too appreciative of the aluminium plates. Most high end flat irons have ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium plates. With aluminium plates you see that at a high instead of becoming sleek and straight your hair becomes crisp. This is even more visible if you have not used a heat protector. This flat iron is also difficult to use as compared to other flat irons as there is plate material which is different.

ghd Straightener

Our Take

The ability to have it all i.e. straighten, curl, flip, and wave your beautiful tresses with one appliance is the key attraction of the ghd hair straightener. It is also great if it is your first flat iron as you don’t have earlier experiences to compare.
While this flat iron does iron and do other things to your hair including allowing you to create many more different styles, it is definitely not the suited for very thick or coarse hair, as it may do more damage than good. It is fast and you can work on your hair short amount of time. It has a very slim and moulded design due to which you can get in nice and close to your head from many different angles.

If you have finer, frizzy hair, this is a good model you should consider, as not only can iron your hair, you can style it too.

Check ghd Hair Straightener reviews on Amazon

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