Foodsaver 4980 Review 2018

Foodsaver 4980 review 2018– If you have just thrown a party or had a BBQ at your place, there are high chances that you have a LOT of food left behind. What do you do with all that food?

Why not just, vacuum seal it and keep it for a few weeks till you feel like eating it again?

Foodsaver has a great vacuum sealer, the FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System which helps you keep your food fresh for 5 times longer.

You can enjoy food that is nutritious, healthy, flavourful and fresh.

FoodSaver V4980 Review

FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System Review

foodsaver 4980 reviewThe Foodsaver 4980 has a secure and air tight seal. This makes your sealing bags free from air. This helps the food not get freezer burns and preserves it.

It has a sealer which is handheld and has a canister and a mode for marination. It has a great roll storage to store the bags and has a removable safe drip tray which you can clean easily.

It has an excellent air removal system and you can even seal soft food like bananas without worrying of damaging it. Check it on Amazon

Features of the FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System

The best thing of the FoodSaver V4980 is that it is very easy to use. You just have to place the bag with the opening near the vacuum sealers mouth and the machine starts to seal it.

The bags are microwavable so you don’t need to remove it from the bags when you want to heat it. You can just cut a corner so that the air can escape when you are cooking it and let it heat up for you to eat.

The FoodSaver V4980 has a built in bag cutter. This helps in many ways. Firstly, you can cut the bag as per the quantity of our food. That way you save on cost of plastic. You are also saving space in your fridge with less plastic used. And finally it’s better for the environment.

The FoodSaver V4980  has two speeds. This is used for dry or moist food. You can have the air too sucked out from the bag before sealing it which preserves the food for a long time.

The handheld sealer is non-BPA retractable and it can be used with the whole range of FreshSaver zipper bags and containers. It can also be used with any FoodSaver canister or marinator.

This FoodSaver V4980  can very eaily seal any FoodSaver bags, containers or accessories.

The vacuum airtight zipper bag which the FoodSaver V4980   has is double reinforced. This helps in keeping the air out. This adds freshness in the product stored.

You can use the pulsevac of the FoodSaver V4980   when you are sealing delicate fruits etc so that they are not crushed. The pulsevac helps in adjusting the starting and stopping of the sealer in a manual mode.

You also have a rapid mode for marination. This helps you marinate meat like pork, beef and poultry.

The FoodSaver V4980   has a roll storage which is in built.

Another great feature of the FoodSaver V4980 is that it has drip trays which are removable. This helps your kitchen stay clean when you are in the sealing process as any drips are collected in the drip tray. It also makes cleaning a breeze.

The FoodSaver V4980 has a intuitive control panel which is easy to use.

FoodSaver 4980 Pros and Cons


  • It has 2 modes – Manual and Automatic
  • The Roll bag storage is very convenient
  • The tray is removable so is easy to clean
  • The detection of bags is automatic and it automatically starts sealing which saves you time.
  • It automatically detects the bags and immediately starts the vacuuming and sealing process.

  • Sometimes it overheats

Recommendation for the FoodSaver V4980

If you need a vacuum sealer, then without doubt the FoodSaver V4980  is the best for you. It is an excellent machine which you should add to your kitchen.

Even if you are using it only about once a week, you can still get a lot of value for your money. It is a two in one system. This means that it vacuums and seals. It is automatic so you don’t need to work on it much.

You get a nice airtight and secure seal. This keeps the freshness of the food which is stored. It is excellent value for money.

Check it on Amazon

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