FHI flat iron Heat Platform

FHI flat iron Heat Platform – FHI is at the forefront of beauty and fashion technology. If you are a regular at a hair dresser, you will have seen one of the FHI Heat Platform Ceramic Tourmaline, 1 Inch Professional Styling Irons in it as most beauty parlours use it as it is considered one of the best is not the best. Check FHI flat iron reviews on Amazon.

It has ceramic and tourmaline plates. The FHI flat iron Heat Platform has been specially designed to improve the health of your beautiful tresses and reduce the possible heat damage to your hair. The FHI flat iron Heat Platform is also infused with negative ions that keeps the frizz away and helps to seal the hair follicles as the plate will pass along the shaft.

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FHI flat iron Heat Platform

The 1-inch flat iron is equipped with three layers of ceramic, baked right onto the hair straightening plate. The negative ions in the special tourmaline surface helps to repel water and allow it to stay in the hair, rather than just being steamed away.

The plates themselves are bevelled on the edge of the iron. This helps to reduce the crimping that may often occur at the top and bottom of a section of hair when it is being clamped and unclamped in the flat iron’s plates.

It has temperature settings that range from 140 degrees to 450 degrees. This is the widest temperature range available on the market.

The plates are well cushioned and feel like they are in the air as you can use it and it will seem that you have applied the right amount of pressure regardless of how hard you may press.

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The amazing range of temperatures that the FHI flat iron Heat Platform can heat up to make it ideal for almost every type of hair. Regardless of if you have fine, mostly straight hair, or good very thick hair or very coarse hair, the FHI flat iron Heat Platform can help you achieve the style that you are looking for. The wide range of temperatures, along with the ionic technology makes this flat iron perfect for drying and styling slightly damp hair.

Some other flat irons could have the problem of burning the hair if there is moisture on the hair shaft but you wont have this problem with the FHI flat iron Heat Platform. It is actually designed to tackle this very issue. It makes your hair healthier, seals in moisture and gives your hair a great feel.

The Negative

The downside of using the FHI flat iron Heat Platform like all flat irons, is that if you use it at a temperature that is too high with respect to your hair type, it could fry and dehydrate it. In order to not have this issue, its better that the setting you use for the heat is the lowest for desired style.

If you have very fine hair then you will not need the highest heat setting. If you have thicker and coarser hair and you know that your hair can withstand higher levels of heat, then you can use it at a high level.

Our take

The FHI flat iron Heat Platform is undoubtedly one of the best flat irons at the moment on the market. The heat selections that it has, alone makes it much more better and a far superior to just about every other model in its price range and even many higher priced models. The ceramic plates that it has are smooth and remain smooth, gripping the hair without pulling it or damaging it.

The 1-inch modelcan make your hair into straight lines that are pin perfect. Also if you want to experiment with curling, waving, and crimpling it.

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