Cookshack SM360 Review – Cookshack SM360 SmartSmoker Commercial Electric Smoker Oven

Cookshack SM360 Review – When it comes to sheer opulence in the world of smokers and outdoor cooking, the Cookshack SM360 is the best. With the interior and exterior of the smoker made of stainless steel which is double walled, it is the strongest and most durable smoker available. Check its latest price on Amazon.


  • Strength
  • Capacity
  • Safe


  • Sold only in USA and Canada
  • Heavy


1.Strength: With its walls made of stainless steel and doubly reinforced, the Cookshack SM360 is a really strong smoker.

2. Capacity: It has a capacity at one time to make a brisket of 500 lbs. per load, Pork butts of 550 lbs. per load, 100 whole chickens per load and ribs of 270 lbs per load.

3. Safe: It has a spin-glass fiber-glass insulation which has a capacity to withstand 850 degrees. It has four 1500 Watt heating elements that are electronically-controlled.


1. Sold only in USA and Canada: Though there is demand for a high quality smoker across the world especially in temperate countries in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the Cookshack SM360 is available only in USA and Canada.

2. Heavy: The Cookshack SM360 is not a smoker you can lug around from one place to another. At 750 pounds, it is one of the heaviest smokers in the world.

Additional Details

Cookshack SM360

The largest commercial electric Smoker that is made by Cookshack is the Cookshack SM360 SmartSmoker Commercial Electric Smoker Oven. It is perfect for a commercial establishment as you can run it 24 hours a day. That way you can earn maximum profit.

Among many of its features, the ones that stand out are its easy-to-use programmable presets, Iq5 electronic temperature and time controller, hold cycle and Meat probe port.

You can use the Cookshack SM360 to smoke traditional barbecue or sausages or fish.


Having a Cookshack SM360 is an ultimate feel good factor as it is THE MOST EXPENSIVE SMOKER in the world. You will be the envy of everyone who visits your house for a BBQ. In additional to that, like a premium watch, you can pass it down from generation to generation.

It is the perfect smoker for caterers, large volume restaurants, barbecue establishments and commissaries. Check its latest price on Amazon.

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