Cookshack SM160 Review -SmartSmoker Commercial Electric Smoker Oven

Cookshack SM160 Review – Cookshack SM160The Cookshack SM160 is an excellent smoker oven when it comes to requiring a smoker for commercial purposes like in commissaries or a barbecue establishment. It is a quality product with a double walled stainless steel body. It has an amazing cooking space. Check its latest price on Amazon.


  • Strength
  • Capacity
  • Safe


  • Sold only in USA and Canada
  • Heavy


1. Strength: The Cookshack SM160 SmartSmoker Commercial Electric Smoker Oven is made of stainless steel and is excellent in terms of strength and durability.

2. Capacity: Though the capacity of a Cookshack SM160 SmartSmoker is much less than a Cookshack SM360, it can easily carry a impressive load. It has a capacity at one time to make brisket of 100 lbs. per load, Pork butts of 120 lbs. per load, 20 whole chickens per load and ribs of 50 lbs per load.

3. Safe: It is one of the best in terms of safety as it has a 850° F spin-glass fiber-glass insulation  made of spin-glass which has a temperature withstanding capacity of 850° F.


1. Sold only in USA and Canada: It has good demand across the world but the Cookshack SM160 is sold only in Canada and USA at the moment.

2. Heavy: The Cookshack SM160 is made keeping in mind commercial use so is heavy at 240 pounds. This is mainly due to its stainless steel double body and nickel plated grills.

Cookshack SM160 Review – Recommendations

Having a Cookshack SM160 is a great investment when it comes to your restaurant or your BBQ establishment. It is durable and you won’t have to worry of it breaking down. It has a good capacity and can make a huge volume of food at one go which will help in peak time.

It is easy to use and clean so the time you will need to invest training of your kitchen staff isn’t very high. Overall, an excellent choice for a medium to large sized restaurant looking for a quality smoker oven. Check its latest price on Amazon.

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