Concept 2 Model D Review

Concept 2 Model D Rower Indoor Rowing Machine – Concept 2 Model DThis rower is at the very best of its game. And it makes sure that you too will be at the very best of your game. You can safely say that the Concept 2 Model D is the best indoor rowing machine in 2018

There are an amazing array of features that this rowing machine has. Each of the feature focuses on a particular activity. There are a tremendous amount of body parts that the Concept 2 Model D involves and makes sure that you exercise.

The Concept2 Model D is a benchmark that you can measure other indoor fitness machines against. You can get exercise and work out well from either your office or your home. You will also save a lot in terms of long term cost when you buy the Concept2 Model D. You can check its price on Amazon.


Key Features of the Concept2 Model D

1. Performance Tracking:

When you exercise, the most important thing is to make sure that you are progressing well. The Model D Rower allows you to do that with ease. It shows you all that you need when it comes to data on repetitions, intensities, swiftness and other necessary data points. These details are displayed on the  screen.

2. Damper and Flywheel:

The Model D Rower includes a damper and flywheel. The flywheel helps to absorb the load and smoothens your work out. You can easily adjust the damper as per the effort you want to put in the work out you would be doing on that day.

3. Sleek design:

The couch of the rowing machine has a height clearance of just over one foot. this gives it a very sleek look.

4. Easy set up and easy to disassembe and installation:

Many people have constraints when it comes to space either in the home or in their office. To make sure that you can use it in both your house and office and even take it travelling, the Concept 2 Model D is easy to assemble, dissemble and install.

5. Simple to use: 

The Rower is quite comfortable to work with. It has versatile footrests and an ergonomically designed holder. The manufacturers of the Concept 2 Model D made sure that it fits well onto your arms when you are exercising. This helps to lessen stress after the wrists and arms.

6. Strong String:

The string of a rowing machine is very important as that is the part of the rower. The string gets the most strain due to which it is subscribtable to wear and tear. The string is the main moving part in any rowing machine. The best part of the string of the Concept D Model 2 rower is that you can work on it every day and the performance will still be the same.

In addition to that, the nickel plating which it is coated with allows more oil retention. This reduces the need for frequent servicing.

The rails that the seat is placed on is of stainless steel. This moves and adjusts as per your health and fitness needs.

7. Heavy duty assemblage:

The strength of Concept2 machines are its distinguishing features. These machines can withstand extreme exercises and everyday fitness exercises.

Their utilization in hostels, armed service bases, gyms and homes are proof of that.

8. Shape:

The model D by Concept2 has a aluminium monorail shape. This shape helps to make it stronger and more durable.

Secondly, the device has a damper which is spiral. This spiral feature helps you to modify the air flow and keeps sound to the very least. You can enjoy music when you exercise.

The area for you to sit is very good and relaxing which helps in long stretches of exercise. It gives you the required stability during strong workouts.

Another thing I like about this rowing machine is the excellent grip that you get when you are working out. When you work out your hands start getting sweaty which then makes it difficult to hold on to the rowing machine’s grip, but the Concept 2 Model D Rower doesn’t have that issue.

Also, it has a air resistance technique that makes sure that the whole machine works well and doesn’t give any sudden jerks which could happen with other rowing machines.

Another good thing about this rowing machine is that, it is easy to dismantle so you can carry it around easily.

A disadvantage is that even though the spiral feature reduces sound,  it can go pretty loud. This can disturb you. I find that playing music when you are rowing, helps focus and relax which solves the issue.

9. Technology


The technology used in this machine is excellent due to which its performance is great.

You can check your own performance well with this machine.

You can check its inbuilt screen for the power and length of time of your routines and find out the number of calories and fat that you lose every time you work out.

You can also set different levels of level of resistance you would like to work out on depending after your fitness level.

The concept 2 model d rower has a  160×160 pixels quality and your work out is saved in a data card. You can connect the data card with fitness apps on your phone so you can check your trends in performance.

This helps you keep a constant check on your durability and stamina.

10. Size:

Concept 2 model d rower combines a great construction with amazing special features.  But it needs a lot of space. This is one of the main drawbacks of the machine and if space is not an issue then you can go for it.

 11. Price

 The concept 2 model d rower is in the top level in terms of price but if you are planning to use it for over 3 years then it is a really great investment as it is a durable machine.

 If price is no a problem, it is a great purchase as the rowing machine that will offer the finest quality & most features.

The concept 2 model d rower rowing machine is the best. It has numerous features, this brand is well known for its outstanding quality of products and excellent level of customer support.


Concept2 Model D Review 2018

Concept 2 Model D Rower


  • Excellent Performance Tracking
  • Great Damper and Flywheel for load absorbing
  • Sleek design
  • Easy set up and easy to disassembe
  • Simple to use
  • Strong String
  • Heavy duty assemblage
  • Great Shape
  • Latest 2018 Technology
  • Great for tall people
  • Great if you want heavy weights


  • Size: It needs space
  • Sound: Makes a lot of sound so you cant hear music
  • Price: Expensive but worth the money if you have the budget
  • No adjustable foot widths


Conclusion – Concept2 Model D:

This is an excellent exercise machine that you acquire when you purchase the Concept 2.

It has a very durable body, 5 year guarantee, and storage that is easy. It is one of the best available today.

Since it is heavy, it might not exactly be great for everyone due to its price, it has amazing features and durability. You can check its price on Amazon.



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