Commercial Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Commercial Vacuum Sealer Reviews – Commercial type sealers are very heavy, cumbersome and costly for an average person but have an amazing level of efficiency. They are great for small businesses who need to store meat, vegetables and fruit.

The good thing of a commercial type vacuum sealer is that it can seal over 40 huge bags per hour and still keep going without needing to stop and cool it down. You can also control the vacuum cycle length and the cool down period which then helps you customize the operation as per your need. You can also check our Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Commercial Vacuum Sealer Review

The best commercial vacuum sealer we have found is the Ary VacMaster Pro VP112. The Ary VacMaster VP112 is the most cost effective and dependable commercial vacuum sealer.

It is designed to be easy to use so can be used in a house too but the motor used and pump arrangement is such that it can be used commercially as it has outstanding performance.

It has a strong body which is easily movable and durable. You can expect it to last many years so you can look at it as a long term investment. You can check its current price on Amazon.


  • Great construction
  • Critically acclaimed heavy duty motor and engine
  • Accessory port to seal canisters and jars.
  • Portable design


  • Heavy at 50 pounds which should be expected for a commercial vacuum sealer.


Our take on the best commercial vacuum sealer

commercial vacuum sealerThis is of the same design as the highly praised VacMaster VP210C. But it has better features as it is portable and is much cheaper than the VacMaster VP210C. It can be used as a commercial vacuum sealer along with being used in the house.

It weighs just 50 pounds which helps in its portability. It is also very compact so it can be fitted on the kitchen top. It has a commercial grade chamber vacuum sealer. It has a stainless steel construction.

The control panel has intelligent customized responses. It has a 12 inch seal bar which is removable and you can keep changing it or reusing it. The motor and pump is the same as the  VP210C which is award winning.

It is better than the VP210C as the frame is more compact which reduces its costs and is more efficient. The chamber bags which are used are 10x cheaper than the ones for industrial grade which is a huge monthly cost saver.

Portability of the best commercial vacuum sealer:

As we mentioned, with a compact body and just 50 pounds in weight the Ary VacMaster VP112 is the lightest and the most portable compared to other chamber vacuum sealers.

It is longer than its height which makes it easy to carry around. Though it is portable, they have made sure that the heavy duty motor and pump is not compromised and is well adjusted in the tiny stainless steel frame.

Ary VacMaster Pro VP112

This commercial vacuum sealer has a very useful design which helps it to perform its tasks really well. You just have to put the food in the vacuum sealer bag and then place the bag in the vacuum chamber.Tuck the mouth of the bag inside the seal bar. Then make sure the lid is closed and let it remove the air out while it seals the bag at the end

You can also seal dry and wet items equally well. This is also great while you are cooking for sous vide and marinating as it has a tighter and better seal.


Infact it is considered the best vacuum cleaner for sous vide

It also is much better than the VP210C as it comes with a cable and an accessory port. This helps you seal vacuum various storage bins like seal canister, jars and containers too. You can also use a variety of vacuum sealer bags as long as they were meant for a commercial vacuum sealer. You need not only buy VacMaster bags.

1. Design:

The motor and the pump assembly is state of the art due to which the weight is high at 50 pounds but you don’t really need to worry about it as it is less compared to its peers.

The good thing is that it is a durable machine. It looks tiny but it is pretty great for its size. It is very strong as it has a stainless steel outer body, silicon rubber seals and a very strong vacuum seal

2. Ease Of Use:

Unlike other commercial vacuum sealers which are very difficult to use, the Ary VacMaster VP112 is very easy to use. You won’t be going around wasting bags nor will you have to worry about adjusting the settings.

You can just keep the settings as normal and don’t even need to touch them. In case you want change the pressure, you just have to use the pressure and heat settings which is very easy. You won’t even need to look into the instruction manual.

3. Warranty And Replacements:

This commercial vacuum sealer has a 1 year warranty but you don’t really have to worry as it will last a long time and there is a very low chance that you will need to call a maintenance guy with any issue.

This is one of the best commercial vacuum sealer coming from the VacMaster brand which is a highly reputed company so you can expect that your vacuum sealer is a long term investment.

4. Maintenance:

There are two things which are very important for a vacuum sealer in terms of monthly expenses and maintenance. One of them is the Chamber bags and the other is that you would need to periodically replace the heating rod.

The good thing about this commercial vacuum sealer is that the heating rod does not need to be totally replaced. You can just replace the wires at a nominal price. In this way the cost of maintaining the sealer is a fraction of other commercial vacuum sealers in the market.

Our Overall Rating:
I feel this vacuum sealer is one of the best in the market in terms of affordability and also it gives you complete commercial use at a price and output ability of a household vacuum sealer. It is very reliable, it works for a long period of time at a very low maintenance cost. It will last for a very long time which is advantageous as it would that become a great investment. You can check its current price on Amazon.

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