Bradley Smoker Review

Bradley Smoker BS916 Digital Bluetooth Compatible Smart Smoker

Introducing to you the best smoker available that is the ‘Bradley Smart Smoker with smoke Technology’. This Smart Smoker is definitely an advanced auto-electric smoker.

It has resulted after years of testing and improvements on the existing smokers. It has an innovative feature called smoke technology that allows you to connect so you can control the smoker via your tablet and smartphone in real-time.

Yet another advancement is its larger capacity for smoking, having space for 10 food racks. This smoker includes 2 detachable, temperature probes that are color-coded.

For improved monitoring of temperature, these probes let you measure the heat of different areas within the smokehouse simultaneously. Along with this smoker, there are four adjustable feet, out of which 2 are optional wheels. You will also find a booklet of recipes.

The exact specifications are as follows: Dimensions -Height 40.5″ x Width 24″ x Depth 14.25″. Internal Dimensions are Height 33.25″ x Width 15.5″ x Depth 11.75″. Area of Usable rack space with the inclusion of6 racks is 780 sq.”, with the inclusion of 10 racks is 0130 sq.”

(Note: the additional 4 racks are separately sold).The smoker’s net weight is 58.75 pounds. It is a corded electric type of smoker.

Pros of the Bradley Smoker BS916 Digital Bluetooth Compatible Smart Smoker

Fully automated:

Bradley Smoker takes your cuisine to a whole new level. The touch screen controls allow you to easily select the temperature, time and also the amount of smoke you need for your item to be smoked.

Unique smokehouse (accompanies a smoke generator):

It possesses 2- heating elements. One is for generating oven heat while the other one is solely for the creation of smoke.

The Bisquettes of Bradley flavor is burned out for about 20 minutes and then extinguished. This helps to attain a constant temperature and eliminates the resins and tar that are capable of altering the foods’ smoked flavor.

This smoker produces the best and clean food without any chances of having an aftertaste. It automatically generates clean and cool smoke up to a period of 9 hours easily, without having the need for the addition of more Bisquettes. Other smokers, however, need to be constantly tended.

Two color-coded integrated probes:

If you’re using the included probes, it can be set to turn off via the app when the probe reaches the set temperature. They allow you to track the temperature of the food in different areas within the smokehouse simultaneously.

Cons of the Bradley Smoker BS916 Digital Bluetooth Compatible Smart Smoker​

The smoker’s LED screen is a little difficult to clearly be viewed in broad daylight.


The Bradley Smoker BS916 Digital Bluetooth Compatible Smart Smoker has a durable design.

It contains 6 racks originally which can be expanded to 10 racks, this gives you ample space for cooking a great quantity of food. It is insulated. The key feature of this smoker is that you can control the smoker from Bluetooth-enabled smartphones as well as tablets in real-time.

This smoker will definitely work marvelously well and allow you to enjoy great barbeque parties outdoors. It provides a 1 year warranty period.

Bradley Smoker BS611 Original Smoker Review

All these years the brand ‘Bradley’ has fabricated smokers that are of the world-class type. We are now thrilled to market the new ‘Original’ Smoker of Bradley. This smoker has a lot of innovative features. To name a few advancements this smoker has an improved Front Face Plate, electronic components, extra big front feet for additional stability and support.

The key features with improvements are further specified in detail. However, one of its unique features is that it can easily be used like a slow cooker or a slow roasting oven.

It possesses a cooking element of 500 Watts, smoking element 125 Watts with power 120 V, 50-60 Hz and 5.5 Amps (for Europeans it is: 240 V-50Hz), that are ETL as well as CE listed. The smokers’ maximum temperature is 250 degrees Fahrenheit and can go up to a minimum of ambient temperature. The smoker comes along with a user guide as well as a recipe book.

Pros of the Bradley Smoker BS611 Original Smoker

Interior is fully insulated and of Stainless Steel:

The ‘Bradley Original Smoker’ is completely insulated, this allows you to smoke on hot as well as cold days and yet maintain your desired temperature for cooking. The stainless steel interior also makes the smoker more efficient for heat retention. It also helps to easily clean.

Automatic Smoke Generator:

There is no need to constantly tend to this smoker. It has an automatic smoke generator. Replacement of wood bisquette or monitoring of temperature is no longer a hassle with this smoker. Its advanced automatic technology feeds one bisquette after every twenty minutes into the burner.

Thereby, letting the smoker smoke perfectly for a certain time, generating pure and unadulterated flavor of smoke. At a time, you can easily load bisquettes worth up to 8 hours, without refueling.This generator also has a side panel (removable) for the ease of cleaning as well as preventative maintenance.

Separate Smoke and Oven Burners:

The ‘Bradley Original’ Smoker has yet another great feature. There are separate burners, one for generation of smoke, and the other for oven heat. This allows you to have limitless options, for example, you can opt for heat plus smoke or heat devoid of smoke as well as smoke devoid of heat.

4 Removable Racks (Fully Supported):

There are 4 fully supported, removable racks which let you attain better accessibility that too without any tipping. The 520 sq. in. space lets you fit all your needs for smoking!

Cons of the Bradley Smoker BS611 Original Smoker

The smoker has an automatic wood bisquette feeder system which allows only bisquettes to be fed. These bisquettes are expensive compared to the traditional wood chips and also are not readily available in most stores.


The Bradley Smokers are the new alternative in smoking technology. This smoker – BS611 that is ‘The Bradley Original Smoker’ makes home smoking easy and convenient. The automatic wood bisquette feeder system with consistent, precise temperature control, you can attain the perfect type of smoker.

The Bradley original smoker comes with a 1-year warranty from its date of purchase. The features of this smoker make it simple for anyone opting to either hot or even cold smoke as well.

Sportsmen, as well as chefs together, can easily rely upon the smokers’ accuracy to consistently generate awesome smoked flavored foods. Control and versatility of this smoker are tremendous compared to other smokers reviewed. Finally, you only relish the yummy smoky flavor!

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