Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews 2018

Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews 2018

Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews 2018 – If you are planning to buy the best vacuum sealer to store your food safely and hygienically then you are at the right place. We have reviewed the best vacuum sealers in the market to help you pick the best choice when you buy a vacuum sealer.

Our reviews are helpful to housekeepers and professionals who want to preserve the freshness and taste of the food exactly how it should be.

Vacuum Sealers are perfect for storing fruits, various types of meat, vegetables, etc. Since the price has come down substantially compared to the past, you can get vacuum sealers at very reasonable prices.




While we don’t have the money or the time to purchase and check every vacuum sealer, we have done in-depth due diligence and made sure that the food vacuum sealers we have reviewed are the best. We chose the Top 5 vacuum sealers that will be the best. We judge each vacuum sealer on a variety of different criteria like reliability, customer reviews, durability, price, etc.

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Our 5 Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews

FoodSaver V4880 Review

FoodSaver 4840 reviewThis is one of the best vacuum sealer in the market today and the easiest for a person who is running on a quick schedule.

The FoodSaver V4880 vacuum sealer can detect if a bag is put in its mouth and can start automatically sealing the bag. This helps you as you can go to the next batch while the sealing happens.

It saves a lot of time, especially at the end of the day when you are tired. You also don’t need to wash your hands between foods to press the button since it is automatic.

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  • The FoodSaver V4880 is a most sold item on main online retail sites.
  • It is over 99% reliability in sealing which is much higher than industry standard
  • It is automatic
  • It is cheap
  • It has a great starter kit


  • Using a big bag you sometimes may find it difficult to insert it in the mouth of the sealer but you get used to it with time.


Its great price and amazing quality makes it something we feel that should be a part of your kitchen. It is advanced with great features but still has a reasonable price. It is great for new users and has numerous benefits which are easy. Even a child can use it to seal leftovers.

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Weston Pro 2300 Review

Weston Pro 2300 ReviewThe ONLY non-Foodsaver brand that we recommend, the Weston Pro 2300 is in a class of its own.

It is well made with fantastic body which will be a long term investment as it will have a very long life.

It has a stainless steel body and is shipped with a protective layer which needs to be removed before using.

It can be used in the house and commercially.

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  • Can be used at home and commercially
  • Many bags in one session as it doesn’t overheat
  • 15-inch seals which is great for big meals
  • Can use non branded bags which save on monthly cost


  • Cant seal 100+ in one sitting as other commercial ones can
  • Cant seal liquid food.


It is durable, quiet and long lasting. It is a beauty to see and will save you time as it can seal many bags in a session. It is made well, portable and is great value for your money.

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FoodSaver V3240 Review

FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit review

The FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System has numerous options which gives it great functionality. However you have to make sure that you really want a vacuum sealer which has multitasking abilities.

This one gives you complete control and is great for a professional or a person who loves machines.

Compared to most other vacuum sealers which are just plug and play on automatic mode type of machines, this one has a variety of settings that can improve the cost, time and efficiency of the vacuum sealing process.

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  • Excellent product at a cheap price
  • Two speed levels.
  • Crush free feature for delicate food like bananas
  • Free Roll Holder and Bag Cutter


  • It doesn’t seem as durable as most of the Foodsaver brand vacuum sealers.
  • At the fast mode, some food wont seal well


This vacuum sealer is an excellent product when you have a wide variety of food to seal. You can very easily seal wet and dry food, whole food or leftovers, fast or slow sealing, tight or loose sealing, all are easy with this vacuum sealer. And the best thing of this sealer is its price. It is very affordable for the options it has. Since it has buttons which allow you two speeds and you can use moist and dry type of food and do normal or vacuum seal, you have an amazing number of options. You get an additional benefit of a free heat seal roll holder and bag cutter.

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Foodsaver V2244 Review

Foodsaver v2244 reviewThis is one of the easiest to use vacuum sealer. When you see it you would feel like plugging it in immediately and starting on your sealer.

You just need to throw the food in the bag and place a bag on the sealing strip, and then press the button for automatic sealing.Its that simple. You will really enjoy this vacuum sealer. 

You can also use the manual to make sure that you have an understanding of all its features.


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  • The FoodSaver V2244 is one of the cheapest in the market.
  • Top selling vacuum sealer
  • High quality performance
  • Starter Kit for beginners including bags and material


  • Its better to use Foodsaver bags so you can’t use cheaper bags.


The FoodSaver V2244  is one of the best selling vacuum sealers across the world. It is great for its price and quality and is perfect for home use. It is one of the easiest to use.

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FoodSaver 4840 Review

FoodSaver 4840 review

The FoodSaver 4840 may be one of the best vacuum sealer to come out of the Foodsaver stable. It has a easy to use design, simple, numerous features and great performance.

It can be used to store almost any type of food including meat, vegetables and fruit.

Not only eatables but you can use this vacuum sealer on other things that need to be kept away from air like documents and other precious items like gold, silver. etc

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  • It is very fast
  • It is cheaper than other sealers in its range
  • It is compatible with any type of bags.
  • It can be used on documents, silver and other precious material


  • It is bulky so needs more space
  • It cant pack liquids as well as solids
  • The automatic feature increases bag wastage.


FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System is one of the best foodsaver vacuum sealer in the market.  With its numerous features and from the foodsaver brand company you can be sure that the product is a valuable addition to your kitchen. Along with great functionality, it also has superior quality.

This vacuum sealer hasn’t any major flaws and that can be seen my is numerous positive reviews across the internet including on Amazon. You can use it for all your daily storage needs including marinating for a barbecue. This is an excellent vacuum sealer.

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Having a Food Vacuum sealer in your house is a great idea. You can buy food in bulk and separate it so that you can use it as per your requirement without worrying of it losing its freshness. I hope you liked our detailed reviews of the Top 5 best vacuum sealers above.

The best vacuum sealers that we have reviewed all have great capabilities of not only sealing small but also large quantities so that you can buy in bulk and store for months. The advantage of most of these vacuum sealers is that you don’t have any separate parts and its all in one machine which helps reduce the cost.

Most of the vacuum sealer reviews show that they great, with low maintenance cost and have good long lasting warranties.

Detailed FoodSaver 4840 Review

FoodSaver 4840 reviewFoodSaver 4840 Review – The FoodSaver 4840 is one of the best vacuum sealer in the market and has everything that you would need in a vacuum sealer.It is very functional and has a great design and performance. Along with food, you can also vacuum seal your documents and other precious items for storage.It is a joy to use and you will really enjoy using the FoodSaver 4840.

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The FoodSaver V4840 2-in-1 vacuum sealer is one of the easiest vacuum sealer to use. It is fully automatic so even a child can use it.

You just have to add the food to a Foodsaver heat seal bag. Then insert the open end into the vacuum mouth side of the FoodSaver 4840. That’s it. It handles the rest.

It starts vacuuming the bag and sealing it as it goes.

The FoodSaver 4840 also has a roll storage unit which is built in. It also has a bag cutting bar so that you can cut the bags according to your requirement and the food that you have and want to store. That way you save plastic and you save space in your fridge.

Pros of the FoodSaver 4840

  • Very cost effective. It has amazing performance compared to its price.
  • It is very fast so you save a lot of time
  • It is a 2 in 1 sealing system which helps seal a variety of things
  • You can use the FoodSaver 4840 on containers, zip bags and canisters.
  • You can pack other stuff like documents, gold and silver other than just food.
  • It can detect your bag automatically so it is very easy to use
  • It has a removable drip tray which is safe and easy to remove. This helps in cleaning. There is an indicator which shows when the drip tray is full.
  • It marinates meat really fast.
  • It has a roll storage which is built in and it has a cutter to customize your bag size.
  • The cord of the vacuum sealer can be placed below it so you save space.

Cons of the FoodSaver 4840

  • It has a bigger size than normal so it needs more space
  • If you have a lot of liquids or gravy based food to store, it is not ideal.
  • The automatic feature is not user friendly and wastes a lot of plastic bags so cutting the bags should be done manually preferably.


FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System is without doubt one of the best vacuum sealers in the market. It has a huge number of features and it is very easy to use.

Its features are great and its quality is good too.

It has a few cons as mentioned above but on an average, all the customers liked it

This vacuum sealer has very few drawbacks and even the customer reviews show that. Most of the users were really happy with its performance.

The FoodSaver 4840 is the best regardless of its for daily use, for making marinades, storing food or storing documents safely.

It is also an advantage since you can buy a lot of food and vacuum seal and keep it. If you buy food in bulk, you get good discounts too.

The FoodSaver 4840 has endless functions. It makes sure that you really enjoy using it.

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Detailed Foodsaver 4980 Review

Foodsaver 4980 review

Foodsaver 4980 Review 2018– If you have just thrown a party or had a BBQ at your place, there are high chances that you have a LOT of food left behind. What do you do with all that food?

Why not just, vacuum seal it and keep it for a few weeks till you feel like eating it again?

Foodsaver has a great vacuum sealer, the FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System which helps you keep your food fresh for 5 times longer.

You can enjoy food that is nutritious, healthy, flavorful and fresh.

The Foodsaver 4980 has a secure and air tight seal. This makes your sealing bags free from air. This helps the food not get freezer burns and preserves it.

It has a sealer which is handheld and has a canister and a mode for marination. It has a great roll storage to store the bags and has a removable safe drip tray which you can clean easily.

It has an excellent air removal system and you can even seal soft food like bananas without worrying of damaging it.

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Features of the FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System

The best thing of the FoodSaver V4980 is that it is very easy to use. You just have to place the bag with the opening near the vacuum sealers mouth and the machine starts to seal it.

The bags are microwavable so you don’t need to remove it from the bags when you want to heat it. You can just cut a corner so that the air can escape when you are cooking it and let it heat up for you to eat.

The FoodSaver V4980 has a built in bag cutter. This helps in many ways. Firstly, you can cut the bag as per the quantity of our food. That way you save on cost of plastic. You are also saving space in your fridge with less plastic used. And finally it’s better for the environment.

The FoodSaver V4980  has two speeds. This is used for dry or moist food. You can have the air too sucked out from the bag before sealing it which preserves the food for a long time.

The handheld sealer is non-BPA retractable and it can be used with the whole range of FreshSaver zipper bags and containers. It can also be used with any FoodSaver canister or marinator.

This FoodSaver V4980  can very easily seal any FoodSaver bags, containers or accessories.

The vacuum airtight zipper bag which the FoodSaver V4980   has is double reinforced. This helps in keeping the air out. This adds freshness in the product stored.

You can use the pulsevac of the FoodSaver V4980   when you are sealing delicate fruits etc so that they are not crushed. The pulsevac helps in adjusting the starting and stopping of the sealer in a manual mode.

You also have a rapid mode for marination. This helps you marinate meat like pork, beef and poultry.

The FoodSaver V4980   has a roll storage which is in built.

Another great feature of the FoodSaver V4980 is that it has drip trays which are removable. This helps your kitchen stay clean when you are in the sealing process as any drips are collected in the drip tray. It also makes cleaning a breeze.

The FoodSaver V4980 has a intuitive control panel which is easy to use.

Pros of the FoodSaver V4980

  • It has 2 modes – Manual and Automatic
  • The Roll bag storage is very convenient
  • The tray is removable so is easy to clean
  • The detection of bags is automatic and it automatically starts sealing which saves you time.
  • It automatically detects the bags and immediately starts the vacuuming and sealing process.

Cons of the FoodSaver V4980

  • Sometimes it overheats


If you need a vacuum sealer, then without doubt the FoodSaver V4980  is the best for you. It is an excellent machine which you should add to your kitchen.

Even if you are using it only about once a week, you can still get a lot of value for your money. It is a two in one system. This means that it vacuums and seals. It is automatic so you don’t need to work on it much.

You get a nice airtight and secure seal. This keeps the freshness of the food which is stored. It is excellent value for money.

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Detailed FoodSaver V2244 Review

Foodsaver v2244 review

FoodSaver V2244 Review – When you first get the FoodSaver V2244 the allurement is to and attempt and vacuum seal something straight off. After all it looks evident that whatever you do is spot a sack on the fixing strip and press the programmed seal catch. This is one situation where a couple of minutes perusing the direction will ensure that you bamboozle your FoodSaver V2244. Client may see that when they get the FoodSaver V2244 the jaws are in the vacant position.

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It is perfect since you can store it along these lines as it spares the gaskets from getting harmed and spilling amid operation. The gaskets are a wearing part and will inevitably should be supplanted. It is a basic employment, simply haul the old ones out and opening in the new. The gaskets are promptly accessible and entirely cheap. Fixing dry sustenances with the FoodSaver V2244 is entirely direct and simple. Essentially put the sustenance taken care of, spot the open end in the fixing area, ensuring that the sack is level, and press the catch. For sensitive sustenances like verdant plate of mixed greens vegetables the vacuum can be halted when expected to quit pulverizing the leaves and after that fixed.

In the same way as all sealers of this write, juices in nourishment, for example, crude meat for instance, can bring about issues when vacuum fixing as it has a tendency to get drawn out of the sack with the air. On the off chance that there is a little measure of juice on the sustenance.

The FoodSaver V2244 has a protected dribble plate which will adapt to little measures of juice. On the off chance that the nourishment that you need to seal is high in juice like a stew or dish, it is suggested that the sustenance is set in the cooler and it can solidify or even make the juice thicker.

At that point it can be effectively vacuum fixed with no issues. Some of the time bigger, cumbersome sustenances can take a little practice in having the capacity to accomplish an impeccable seal without fail.

It is regularly better to utilize somewhat more of the sack than appears to be fundamental as this have a compliment surface taking into account a less demanding seal to be made.

Despite the fact that this is a little vacuum sealer in size however with its wide fixing width and the capacity to make your own particular packs from the roll (a roll is incorporated with the FoodSaver V2244) it will handle even things like a full rack of ribs. Likewise included with the FoodSaver V2244 is an embellishment port and hose.

This is to empower the vacuum fixing of jugs or FoodSaver stockpiling compartments which can be purchased independently.

When it comes time to utilize the vacuum fixed sustenance, it can be either warmed through or cooked utilizing the sous vide technique whilst still clinched.

This is a simple to utilize vacuum sealer, the length of the guidelines are perused to begin with, and is perfect for both somebody who is new to vacuum fixing or a more experienced individual searching for a decent esteem substitution sealer.

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Pros of the FoodSaver V2244

  • The FoodSaver V2244 is reasonable. It is one of the least expensive vacuum sealers accessible available today.
  • Top selling vacuum sealer online.
  • This model is profoundly prevalent because of its sensible evaluating and the nature of the final result.
  • The included “starter pack” is incredible for tenderfoots – as you get sacks and a move of material to kick you off.

Cons of the FoodSaver V2244

  • We observe that FoodSaver’s own image packs work best with the FoodSaver V2244 – which might disillusion for some as you won’t have the capacity to get less expensive sacks.

Features of the FoodSaver V2244

  • Programmed operation – working the FoodSaver V2244 is both basic and clear to utilize. It additionally has a manual supersede catch to cut the vacuum off and begin fixing for when fragile sustenances, for example, lettuce, are being fixed.
  • Little and lightweight – measuring just 5.9 x 10.6 x 17.7 creeps and weighs just 1 lb.
  • Additional wide fixing with a twofold seal – permits vast estimated nourishments to be vacuum fixed when utilized with the move of pack material
  • Essential frill port – the FoodSaver V2244 accompanies a port that permits the hose (incorporated into pack) to be utilized for the vacuum fixing of jugs or FoodSaver vacuum stockpiling boxes
  • Trickle plate – The FoodSaver V2244 accompanies a protected, removable dribble plate for getting flood fluids when vacuum fixing sustenance with juices. The trickle plate can be washed in a dishwasher for simple cleaning.
  • Packs included – the FoodSaver V2244 comes complete with a choice of sacks and a move of sack material to permit you to make your own particular size custom sacks.
  • Non-vacuum fixing choice – the FoodSaver V2244 can seal sacks without vacuuming the freshen up first.


FoodSaver are an extremely surely understood brand in the field of vacuum fixing and the FoodSaver V2244 is a decent case of a cunningly planned, cheap vacuum sealer. That it is modest does not imply that the quality is inadequate. Its little size and light weight imply that it will fit effortlessly into any kitchen. The expense of the FoodSaver V2244 will effectively be recovered over a brief time frame because of the diminishment in sustenance is squandered.

For nourishment that has as of now been cooked, the substance can be warmed while still in the vacuum pack spare time and exertion in washing separate warming dishes. The vacuum fixed sacks are additionally perfect for sous vide cooking (a technique for cooking vacuum stuffed sustenance for long stretches at lower temperatures). The FoodSaver V2244 is perfect either for somebody who is new to vacuum fixing or a more experienced individual who is searching for a decent esteem substitution model. I hope you liked the FoodSaver V2244 Review.

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Detailed Foodsaver V3240 Review

FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit review

Foodsaver v3240 Review – Foodsaver v3240 vacuum sealing system with starter kit – Sometimes we cook so much food that there is a lot that remains back. The good thing about is that we don’t have to worry about cooking for the next few days. The bad thing is that food just left open starts to get stale and doesn’t have the same taste and flavor that it had when you cooked it

Also, since the food is exposed to air, it starts getting spoilt. You may also not want to eat the same food two times in a row and may want to eat the leftover after a few days.

What’s the best solution here?

Get a Food Vacuum Sealer

The FoodSaver V3240 is something that will add life to your kitchen. It will make your life easier. It has the latest advanced sealing technology. This helps the Foodsaver v3240 to take the air and moisture of the food while packing it. But it makes sure that the flavour and the taste is exactly the same.

The Foodsaver V3240 is designed so that it keeps your food fresh for 5 times longer than a normal vacuum sealer.

You can just seal the food that you have and keep it in the freezer. You don’t have to worry of it getting spoilt.

The FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System has a vertical design. This helps you keep it anywhere in your kitchen without you worrying about it taking too much space.

This also makes the Foodsaver V3240 portable and easy to carry around.

The Foodsaver v3240 automatic vacuum sealing system is very easy to use. It only has a couple buttons and its functions are easy to use.

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Pros of the FoodSaver V3240

  • The FoodSaver V3240 is very cheap for its features. Infact, it is one of the cheapest vacuum sealers for its features.
  • It has two speeds which help you work fast or slow as per the time you have. At the end of the day when you are exhausted after a party, this feature is a big help.
  • It has a CrushFree feature which is great. You don’t have to worry when you seal food that is delicate like fruits like kiwis and bananas.
  • You get a free bag cutter and roll holder.

Cons of the FoodSaver V3240

  • It doesn’t look very durable. Though there haven’t been any complaints about it so far that we have seen, it looks a bit weak as compared to other vacuum sealers of the Foodsaver stable.
  • At the fast speed, it doesn’t seal very tight. So unless you are too much in a hurry, use the slow setting.

Features of the FoodSaver V3240

  • 2 vacuum speeds – It has 2 speeds so when you are in a hurry, you can seal fast. When you have time and you want to make sure its sealed tighly, you can seal slowly. This is great when you are tired at the end of the day and just want to seal fast and go to sleep. You can also use the fast mode if you are not storing the food for a long time. But please note that the fast mode doesn’t seal very well.
  • Crush Free – Another great feature is that you don’t have to worry of crushing delicate food like fruits etc. The Foodsaver V3240 has a crush free feature that makes sure that your delicate food is not damaged.
  • Moist and Dry Food settings – You can set it on dry or moist mode so that the food stays longer depending on the type of food and stays vacuumed better.
  • Roller and Bag cutter – the FoodSaver V3420 has a feature of a bag cutter and a roller. This allows you to cut your bags to the size you want. It is great for saving space and to allow more food to be stored. You will also waste much less plastic and save money on the plasctic bags since less will be used.


The Foodsaver v3240 vacuum sealing system with starter kit is the best if you want to vacuum different food types including wet and dry food. You can also vacuum whole birds and leftovers.

You have complete control on the vacuum sealing system and the sealing practice. The foodsaver v3240 automatic vacuum sealing system is easy to use and has buttons for two speed types.

Also, since it is inexpensive and portable, it is a really good deal for your kitchen and a great addition to your kitchenware.

Also for two food types i.e. moist and dry. You can also either seal or vacuum seal. Also the Food saver V3240 has a bag cutter and a heat seal roller so you can customize as you want.

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FoodSaver V4880 Review

FoodSaver V4880 review

The FoodSaver V4880 2 in one system fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System is one of the best choices you can make for a vacuum sealer.

It works great for meat and fish and also is perfect for fruits and vegetables.

In other words, no matter the type of food, you can store the food for months on end without having to worry that the taste, flavor or nutrition will reduce.

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If you want an easy and fast way to make sure that your food is preserved well especially left over food or food that you have bought in bulk, the Foodsaver V4880 is for you.

The best thing about the Foodsaver V4880 is that it literally guarantees that your food has a long shelf life and has the complete freshness that you had at the start. This ensures that no matter how old the food, it will still have its original taste.

FoodSaver V4880 2 in one system fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System  is literally hands free. You can have a smooth and effortless activity.

You just need to fill the bag with the food and then keep the bag at the open side of the machine.

The Food V4880 will do the rest. This helps a lot when you have a lot of work to do and you save a lot of time with it.

Pros of the FoodSaver V4880

  • The FoodSaver V4880 is one of the most trusted brand on online websites with the highest ratings
  • It has a 99% sealing reliability which is the best in the market
  • It is in the sub $200 range so is not too expensive and is a deal for its price. Check the current price on Amazon.
  • It has a great free starter kit

Cons of the FoodSaver V4880

  • The mouth is shaped a bit funny due to which sometimes its difficult to see where the end of the bag is going. It’s not a big issue but sometimes feels weird.

Best Features of the FoodSaver V4880

  • Heat seal roll – You can custom size your bags which help a lot when you are packing small quantities. With other vacuum sealers, you will have to use full bags which take unnecessary space in the fridge.
  • Automatic two vacuum speeds – You don’t need to remember to adjust speeds because depending on dry or moist food, the Foodsaver V4880 automatically changes its speed so it saves you time and effort. It is really automatic.
  • Quick mode for marinates – if you make a lot of marinades, then the FoodSaver V4880 is the best for you. It has the option to marinate when the mode is airtight, the flavour remains in the food and is very fast.


This is the best and most advanced machine we have come across with respect to vacuum sealers. It is great and has a host of benefits and features as mentioned above. More importantly it has a great price.

You can even allow your kids to use the Foodsaver V4880 as it is very easy to use with minimal instructions.

This is the best vacuum sealer if you want your food fresh, want to make marinades, don’t want to spend too much time sealing and don’t want the hassle and bother of changing and adjusting to ranges for dry and moist food. You will love the ease in which you can use it. All the customers whom we contacted loved this vacuum sealer.

The Foodsaver V4880 has all the qualities you will need in a vacuum sealer and we give it a 5 STAR score.

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Weston Pro 2300 Review

Weston Pro 2300 review

The Weston Pro 2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer is one of the best commercial vacuum food sealer that is available. It can also be used for home use. It is a heavy duty, powerful food vacuum sealer.

The Weston Pro 2300 vacuum food sealer is strong and is made of durable stainless steel. It has an amazing design and is built with steel so is built to last.

It has a modern look and would be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

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The first that that you feel when you remove the Weston Pro 2300 from its box is that it has an amazing look. It is very well made and is a solid machine that is designed to last. Compared to most other vacuum sealers which are made of plastic, this bad boy is pure stainless steel.

It has a protective film on it which you need to remove before you start using it.

It is pretty light for a stainless steel machine and weighs just less than 14.5 lbs. Its Measurements are 15” x 23” x 9” high. This makes it easy to add and remove from cupboards.

It doesn’t have a bag supply of its own so make sure you buy the bags along with it when you buy it.

Though you can buy other bags with it, I prefer to buy the Weston bags since they are of the same price as say, foodsaver and it would be more suited to the machine.

Pros of the Weston Pro 2300

  • It is one of the best rated vacuum sealer.
  • It can seal literally dozens of bags in just one session
  • It can take a lot of load and rarely over heats as other sealers may do
  • It can seal huge and bulky bags up to 15 inches which makes it a really good sealer.
  • You can use non branded bags too with it

Cons of the Weston Pro 2300

  • Though its portable, I wouldn’t advise heavy use.
  • The Weston Pro 2300 cant seal liquid or gravy based food well so avoid that.

Features of the Weston Pro 2300

Since the Weston Pro 2300 has a 15 inch sealing bar, it is easy to vacuum seal large food packets including meat before butchering it, whole chickens, etc.

The Weston Pro 2300 has a double piston pump which is fan cooled  so it is very quiet and can produce a lot of batches without needing a cooling period.

Since the fan cooled has a stainless steel finish it is much more durable than plastic and it also looks great in your kitchen.

Easy availability of parts for Weston Pro 2300  – Since the Weston Pro 2300  has durable parts, they are easily available and you don’t need to discard the sealer if a part breaks like you may have to do with other sealers.

The Weston Pro 2300  can accommodate a wide variety of sizes of bags so you can use the one perfect for you and reduce waste of plastic.

The Weston Pro 2300  has a manual mode for delicate food like bananas.

The Weston Pro 2300’s cord is detachable so it can be stored easily.

It has a transparent seal lid which helps to check within the bag so that bags are not wasted due to sealing which may be faulty.


The Weston Pro 2300 is one of the best vacuum sealer in the market. It is an excellent semi-commercial sealer that is built to last. It can be used for much higher than average use and since its parts are easily available, it has a long life.

With 15 inch openers, it can accommodate the biggest bags so you can store a lot of food even without butchering it.

It has a one touch, fully automatic switch mode. This helps you adjust the Weston Pro 2300  the way you want.

You can even vacuum seal your clothes for winter to keep it air free and save space of storage.

Compared to other vacuum sealers, it is very quiet and you can do many sealings in one session which saves you a lot of time.

The Weston Pro 2300 is a superb built, highly versatile and flexible, high quality vacuum sealer which is an excellent buy for your money.

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Commercial Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Commercial Vacuum Sealer Reviews – Commercial type sealers are very heavy, cumbersome and costly for an average person but have an amazing level of efficiency. They are great for small businesses who need to store meat, vegetables and fruit.

The good thing of a commercial type vacuum sealer is that it can seal over 40 huge bags per hour and still keep going without needing to stop and cool it down. You can also control the vacuum cycle length and the cool down period which then helps you customize the operation as per your need.

Ary VacMaster VP112

The best commercial vacuum sealer we have found is the Ary VacMaster Pro VP112. The Ary VacMaster VP112 is the most cost effective and dependable commercial vacuum sealer.

It is designed to be easy to use so can be used in a house too but the motor used and pump arrangement is such that it can be used commercially as it has outstanding performance.

It has a strong body which is easily movable and durable. You can expect it to last many years so you can look at it as a long term investment.

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Pros of the Ary VacMaster VP112

  • Great construction
  • Critically acclaimed heavy duty motor and engine
  • Accessory port to seal canisters and jars.
  • Portable design

Cons of the Ary VacMaster VP112

  • Heavy at 50 pounds which should be expected for a commercial vacuum sealer.

This is of the same design as the highly praised VacMaster VP210C. But it has better features as it is portable and is much cheaper than the VacMaster VP210C. It can be used as a commercial vacuum sealer along with being used in the house.

It weighs just 50 pounds which helps in its portability. It is also very compact so it can be fitted on the kitchen top. It has a commercial grade chamber vacuum sealer. It has a stainless steel construction.

The control panel has intelligent customized responses. It has a 12 inch seal bar which is removable and you can keep changing it or reusing it. The motor and pump is the same as the  VP210C which is award winning.

It is better than the VP210C as the frame is more compact which reduces its costs and is more efficient. The chamber bags which are used are 10x cheaper than the ones for industrial grade which is a huge monthly cost saver.

Portability of the best commercial vacuum sealer:

As we mentioned, with a compact body and just 50 pounds in weight the Ary VacMaster VP112 is the lightest and the most portable compared to other chamber vacuum sealers.

It is longer than its height which makes it easy to carry around. Though it is portable, they have made sure that the heavy duty motor and pump is not compromised and is well adjusted in the tiny stainless steel frame.


This commercial vacuum sealer has a very useful design which helps it to perform its tasks really well. You just have to put the food in the vacuum sealer bag and then place the bag in the vacuum chamber.Tuck the mouth of the bag inside the seal bar. Then make sure the lid is closed and let it remove the air out while it seals the bag at the end

You can also seal dry and wet items equally well. This is also great while you are cooking for sous vide and marinating as it has a tighter and better seal.

Best vacuum sealer for sous vide

It also is much better than the VP210C as it comes with a cable and an accessory port. This helps you seal vacuum various storage bins like seal canister, jars and containers too. You can also use a variety of vacuum sealer bags as long as they were meant for a commercial vacuum sealer. You need not only buy VacMaster bags.

1. Design:

The motor and the pump assembly is state of the art due to which the weight is high at 50 pounds but you don’t really need to worry about it as it is less compared to its peers.

The good thing is that it is a durable machine. It looks tiny but it is pretty great for its size. It is very strong as it has a stainless steel outer body, silicon rubber seals and a very strong vacuum seal

2. Ease Of Use:

Unlike other commercial vacuum sealers which are very difficult to use, the Ary VacMaster VP112 is very easy to use. You won’t be going around wasting bags nor will you have to worry about adjusting the settings.

You can just keep the settings as normal and don’t even need to touch them. In case you want change the pressure, you just have to use the pressure and heat settings which is very easy. You won’t even need to look into the instruction manual.

3. Warranty And Replacements:

This commercial vacuum sealer has a 1 year warranty but you don’t really have to worry as it will last a long time and there is a very low chance that you will need to call a maintenance guy with any issue.

This is one of the best commercial vacuum sealer coming from the VacMaster brand which is a highly reputed company so you can expect that your vacuum sealer is a long term investment.

4. Maintenance:

There are two things which are very important for a vacuum sealer in terms of monthly expenses and maintenance. One of them is the Chamber bags and the other is that you would need to periodically replace the heating rod.

The good thing about this commercial vacuum sealer is that the heating rod does not need to be totally replaced. You can just replace the wires at a nominal price. In this way the cost of maintaining the sealer is a fraction of other commercial vacuum sealers in the market.

I feel this vacuum sealer is one of the best in the market in terms of affordability and also it gives you complete commercial use at a price and output ability of a household vacuum sealer. It is very reliable, it works for a long period of time at a very low maintenance cost. It will last for a very long time which is advantageous as it would that become a great investment.

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