Best Trail Camera for the Money

Best Trail Camera for the Money – Trail cameras come in a variety of configurations. We bring you our review of the best trail camera for your money i.e. value for money. Check the best value for money Trail camera, the Stealth Cam G30 Trail Camera on Amazon and the second best value for money game camera Browning Dark Ops BTC-6 on Amazon.

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You need to identify why you need it and accordingly you can decide which of the cameras are the best for you. Some are great for photos, some are great for videos, some are good for day clicks and others for night. You have incandescent, red glow infrared, white led, completely invisible no glow infrared and low glow infrared.

Best Trail Camera for the Money – Stealth Cam G30

best trail camera for the money


The best trail camera when it comes to value for your money is the Stealth Cam G30 Trail Camera. It has amazing features for its price.

The G30 is a an excellent game camera and the best thing is that it is low priced. It is cheap and yet has all the necessary requirements for an excellent trail camera. The Stealth Cam G30 is one of the best in its range so is an amazing buy. You can check the latest price and discounts on Amazon.


  • The Stealth Cam G30 is a very compact camera and has a great casing which is required for an outdoor camera
  • It is very easy to set up like most of the cameras in the stealth stable. Once you get used to it, you will rarely need to spend over a minute to set it up and you can continue the settings for months.
  • It has excellent trigger speed of less than half a second
  • It has great images of day clicks and night clicks. This makes it stand out in the under $100 market as most of the rest won’t have great night images.


  • It has a average recovery time which is slow at 10 seconds.
  • It needs AA batteries and literally a full packet of then which then adds to your cost.


The Stealth Cam G30 is the best Trail Camera for the Money and the most value for money in the budget category. It is great for hunters. You get awesome quality images in day and night shoots. It has a smaller casing so camouflages better. It also has no glow technology which makes it wonderful for non-detection.

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Best Game Camera for the money – Browning Dark Ops BTC-6

Best trail camera below $150

The second best trail camera for the money is the Browning Dark Ops BTC-6 Trail Camera. It is the best value for money and though it is higher than the Stealth Cam G30 it has a few better features. It is the best value for money.

Browning Dark Ops (model number BTC-6) is from the Browning family and is considered one of the best game cameras. It has a lot of features as the Browing Strike Force which is a high end premium trail camera. The Biggest advantage it has is its Infrared flash. It features a no glow infrared technology due to which it does not emit any light and the person or game who is being clicked is unaware of it. This makes it excellent for security purposes too.


  • It has amazing daytime photo quality. The night photos too are good.
  • It doesn’t have white outs which normally happen with no glow IR tech.
  • It has an amazingly small and compact size which helps it to blend in well. It has all the great features and user friendliness of a normal trail camera with much less size.
  • It has much longer battery life so you don’t have to worry of constantly changing it
  • It has fast trigger speed, excellent detection area and great recovery time.


  • The camera has buttons as control which is difficult to press so the user has to stumble around a bit. You have to be careful and recheck the buttons you have pressed


At the price, it is one of the best models you can buy. It has no glow tech which is great, amazing trigger speed, recovery time which is not seen in the Stealth model above and you can keep it literally invisible so you can use it for security and for hunting purposes. I hope you liked our review of the Best Trail Camera for the Money & Game Camera for the money. You can check Browning Dark Ops BTC-6 Trail Camera on Amazon here.


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