Best Electric Smoker Under $300

Excellent barbecue is a treat only reserved for the elite. But if you want to find one that is under $300 for making that excellent barbecue. I must say then you are at the perfect place.

The products mentioned here will help you get that excellent experience in food smoking and also, hands down the easiest way to cure and preserve meats.

I must say, who doesn’t like a healthier approach to enjoy the natural flavor of the food that we eat. Rather than depending with chemically treated beef.

The trend of barbecuing has really caught on across the world. A fun way to spend time with the family or perhaps invite some friends over. Also with the want to eat deliciously smoked food anytime. It has become that perfect past time and the manufacturers are

It has culminated in as many as hundreds of appliances offering prices ranging from the most expensive to the most economical. To choose the rite one its best to know the features first. Many excellent quality electric smokers are available in the market with contrasting characteristics at very reasonable prices.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker with a RF Controller

Its has a Blue led screen and a drip reflector which helps you to monitor and watch the meat while its getting cooked.

A 730 square inches spacious area for cooking, more than enough space to smoke all the food that you so desire. That chamber also has four smoking racks with chrome coating, functions also as an additional non stick area.

It has a RF remote that comes with it that you can use to adjust the heat for your preferred meals.  This unit also has an inbuilt meat probe that permits you to determine the temperature lever. With a very powerful 800- watt burner, This appliance is quite impressive.

For those night walkers out there, the chamber used for smoking your food has light inside. And as like anything used beyond its privilege can break. Try to be careful with the heating elements in the smoker. Also it’s a tad bit difficult to clean specially when the temperature probe cannot be removed.

Char-Broil Simple Smoker Series

Char-Broil Simple Smoker

Special thanks to the innovative SmartChef application you can smoke the meat without constantly having an eye on it.

By Glancing at the food being smoked in the internal chamber of the device . The app helps you to basically estimate when the meal will be cooked to get those wonderful flavors to absolute perfection. Before you place the food in the interior chamber of the unit, the meat probe must be integrated in the center of your desired meal.

The unit has a Basket for cooking that can hold up to 16-lb of meat. If you want to smoke a full wrap of the ribs , you will have to cut it because of its small capacity. But we must say ,how much space is available for a simple, small smoker.

The sides  of this unit have a heating element of 750 watts . Though the only downside is that you constantly need to refill the container of wooden chips every 45 or 40 minutes.

Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker

You do not have to plan about the charcoal and propane components while using it. Plug it in and watch it work.

This particular unit has 720 square inches with four racks that are chrome coated. It also has a Blue LED display that shows you the temperature which is also very visible in sunlight as well. So you would have no problem using it in your backyard to make those perfect smoked ribs.

This unit does ensures that the steam stays inside the chamber while cooking as it has an inner lining attached to its locking door. That way your meat stays juicy and tender. With temperature controls, the cooking stays even from a 100 to 280 F degrees.

Also, this appliance comes with the chip operating system, which will allow you to add some wood chips easily. The downside of this unit is that you can never leave while food is being smoked if your kids are nearby. You also need to maintain, clean it regularly and use a cover to protect it from dust.

Also this unit comes with a chip operating system, that allows you to add wood chips very easily. The only downside though for this unit is that you cannot leave the food unattended while its being smoked. One also needs to clean and maintain it regularly and use a dust cover.

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Review

It has a cooking area of about 725 square inches, branched between its four racks. Smoking a whole rack of ribs or briskets can cause some problem. But there is plenty of cooking space for your normal cooking. Comes with a 800- watt element for heating, so that you will be able to maintain and control the temperature.

The internal box does have a probe inside to regulate the heating element and to maintain the desired temperature. You just need to program the unit correctly with its control system to hold the temperature needed.

Once the unit is functioning correctly you can just set it and leave it. Easy to use and very dependable makes it  a least expensive unit in the market today.

But there is a drawback to this smoker. Some users have indeed criticize its low smoke producing ability. I must say this unit is not always accurate in its temperature calibration.

Smoke Hollow 3016 DEWS Review

Smoke Hollow 3016 DEWS

A great feature about this particular smoker is that the parts are made of steel. So don’t get hung up on breaking anything. Parts are inexpensive and easy to replace. Not too bulky to take too much of your space. At the same time very easy to clean jumbo viewing window so you can see the results without opening the door.

It also has a smoke –flavor external loading wooden chip tray and a water pan with a porcelain coating.  Heat indicator is of professional quality which is used to maintain and control the smoking temperature. Heat is well contained inside the double walled cooking chamber.

You can adjust the chrome-plated three smoking grids for different individual heights . The particular unit is a piece of cake to use and simple enough that the instructions might as well be written in stone. Simply just add some wood chips with water, set it correctly and smoke it up and the smoker will do the rest.  A noteworthy mention here some people who used the unit have complained that the heating element does malfunction and doesn’t work properly as expected sometimes.

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