Best Rowing Machine Reviews 2018

Best Rowing machine reviews – Buying a rowing machine is not only an expensive investment, it is also important that you look at it for a holistic perspective taking into consideration your complete fitness regime.

Check our rowing machine reviews that will make the best decision to buy the most appropriate rowing machine for your requirements

Best Rowing Machine Reviews 2018

Best Rowing Machine Reviews

For the best rowing machine in terms of performance, our first and main choice is Concept2 Model D with PM5. Check its latest price on Amazon.

If you want the most bang for your buck, the best rowing machine in terms of price is the Stamina Air Rower. It is not costly but for its price it is the best deal. It can deliver awesome performance. In addition to performance, it designed for comfort and is compact for storing. Check its latest price on Amazon.

Best Rowing Machine for Triathlons 2018

If your focus is to build up your stamina to a competitive level and you want to constantly improve on your fitness then the best recommendations for you are:


  1. Concept2 Model D– If having a driven model which will improve your fitness level to a professional rower level then the concept2 Model D is the one for you. It is expensive but it is a valuable investment.


  1. Stamina Avari– After the Concept2 the next best in our book would be the Model D. This power machine has a sleek design and it has the best and latest, state-of-the-art technology and it has magnetic resistance. 


Best Rowing Machine for Beginners 2018

If you are just interested in some good daily cardio without having to go to a gym or go running and risk injuring your knees, the Stamina Air Rower is the best for you. It has amazing performance and it has a very reasonable price. It has everything that you would look for in a high end performance rowing machine but it has a price which will make you smile.


Best Rower Machine 2018

Now for the list of our best rowing machine reviews: 

  1. Concept 2 Model D Rower Review

Concept 2 Model D Rower ReviewConcept 2 Model D Rower is for the top and the best in the sport since it is the best machine which is top and best among a range of rowing machines which are in themselves some of the best fitness machines of the industry.

The Model D Rower is ranked as the Best sold indoor fitness machine among all indoor fitness machines.

The rowing machine has an amazing range of various features. These cater each and every aspect of your requirement from a rowing machine. There are so many features in this amazing machine that you will have muscles in motion and under stress that you never knew existed. Check its latest price on Amazon.


  • This is undoubtable the best and the top most rated fitness machine
  • It has an awesome performance monitor which helps you track your performance
  • The parts are extremely durable which makes it a valuable long term investment.
  • It has resale value


  • The seat of the rowing machine is very hard and cant be adjusted so it poses as a difficulty for a below or above average height person
  • The resistance of the machine after a while doesn’t hold and can the resistance can vary in strokes
  • There is a lack of programs for this rowing machine which can make working on it tedious.
As per our analysis, It s unbeatable in performance so we recommend it strongly. Check its latest price on Amazon.


  1. Stamina Avari Magnetic Rower

Stamina Avari Magnetic Rower ReviewThe Stamina Avari Magnetic Rower is ranked as one of the best selling rowing machines on Amazon.

Infact just after the Concept 2 Model D this is the next best you can get. Check latest price on Amazon.


  • Excellent design and impressive quality built up with the bestextruded aluminium
  • It’s a very comfortable and easy to use with padded seats and a handlebar.
  • Wide footrest to avoid your feet from slipping.
  • Easy Assembly of the three part machine.
  • In Touch® Fitness Monitor and 12 pre-set workout programs


  • It has a lower warranty period.
This is one of the best high end rower. It is reasonable compared to the Model D since it has a few better features and gives as much performance but a much higher bang for your buck compared to the Model D. Check latest price on Amazon.


3. Stamina ATS Air Rower Review

Stamina Air Rower ReviewThe Stamina ATS Air Rower is a a rowing machine which is of the wind resistance type.

Its best features is that it has a comfort padded seat. It also has a well inclined seat rail. It has large and comfortable footplates designed for rowers who want to have long workouts.

The Stamina ATS Air Rower is on the market since over 5 years and is offered at a very reasonable price on Check latest price on Amazon.


  • The price is the biggest pro about this rowing machine. At a price half of its competitors it is a great rowing machine for its features.
  • It has a very durable frame
  • It can be stored within seconds as it can be folded and is very compact.
  • Since it is a wind rower it gives you a feeling of a intense workout since you hear the sound of the wind.
  • It gives the body a complete work out, the strong and the weak muscles.


  • It has lesser levels of resistance so it may not be suitable for a professional.
  • The wind noise that it creates may be annoying to others.
This is more of a fitness machine than a typical hard exercise rower. Also rather focus on only your muscles required for rowing this machine gives you a full body work out.  If fitness is your main goal then this is the perfect machine for you but if your main goal is intense workout then it wouldn’t make sense. Its biggest USP offcourse is its reasonable price. Check latest price on Amazon.


4. WaterRower A1 Review

WaterRower A1 ReviewThe WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine gives you perfect exercise of your arm with the rowing of the machine against water.  Since you are actually rowing against water you get the real sensation that you are rowing a boat and you feel the exercise that you would get if you really were in a river or a water body.

It has a strong design so you can be sure that you will get a perfect workout that will ensure that you have a strong exercise of your body and all your muscles will be exercised. Check latest price on Amazon.


  • This machine is not only easy to setup, but the entire machine is super simple to bring together.
  • Handlebars that is strong and gives you a strong grip. It doesn’t get slippery or loose, and it is ergonomically designed that can last for hours and hours of working out without hurting your hands.
  • Unlike most rowing machines that use weights and other forms of resistance, this uses the power of pure water.
  • Once you buy this and get it to be assembled, you’ll see how easy it is to use. You don’t have to take much effort to use it effectively.
  • You can have different levels of exercise based on the resistance and the way you stroke the rowing machine.


  • It has a confusing instruction manual and its step by step formula is hard to understand.
  • It has only one specific workout. It specifically only does the work out of your arms and the overall body.
This is a good machine for a user who needs to work out fast and does not need a complicated machine. It is in the mid price range and is more expensive than the Air which has approximately the same features but it does work really well. It strengthens every important muscle of your body and since it uses water resistance which is like the original rowing machine concept it gives you that extra push needed to strengthen the muscles. Check latest price on Amazon.


  1. Kettler Favorit Review

Kettler Favorit ReviewThis is one of the best rowing machines that you can order to ensure that you will improve the performance of your core muscles.

This is a one of a kind machine which you can just take home and focus on it to get your body in shape and your muscles bulging. It is the perfect home solution for a rowing machine. Check latest price on Amazon.



  • It is light. It can be lifted with ease.
  • It is cheaper as compared to other rowing machines in its category.
  • It has an attractive design, a sturdy, solid frame and a very durable battery life.
  • It exercises the whole body.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • Since it is compact there is no problem of storage.


  • It takes time to get used to the machine
If your objective is general fitness within your home then this is the best rowing machine for you. You can enjoy this machine and ensure that your whole body is exercised. Check latest price on Amazon.



To be sure that you have made a right decision, you need to be sure about the reasons you want an best indoor rowing machine.

If the main reason is an effective and fun way to reduce your weight and stay fit then you will be satisfied with a lower cost machine.

If you want to increase your rowing performance and want to be at the peak of fitness then you need to go for a high end, sophisticated water and air rowing machine.

Finally, just because a rower is cheaper than another, it doesn’t mean that the rowing machine isn’t as good as the rest.

I hope you have got an understanding of the best rowing machine reviews from the resource above.

Facts to consider when investing in a rowing machine

WaterRower A1

To help with making a great decision, you should first think about the reasons why you want to acquire an indoor rowing machine. Perhaps you mostly want a powerful and fun way to lose weight, then it’s likely that you will be pretty content with a less cost option like a magnetic or hydraulic rower.

Alternatively you will want a  sensible way to apply genuine rowing techniques maybe, if so you should think about the high grade rowers like the air machines.

Remember that because one rower is cheaper than the others, it doesn’t indicate it is low quality, the low end of the marketplace has a genuine purpose for the ones that just need something somewhat reliable to find yourself in form with.

Additional points to keep in mind while buying a rowing machine

– Do you think that you will need a complex performance screen for the rowing machine that can monitors data such as rowing swiftness and more?
– Perhaps you will want a best rower machine that folds away to conserve space in your house if you live in an apartment in the city or if you have a small house?
– Are you thinking about doing very intense training and for that reason need something allows a higher level of amount of resistance?
– Are you convenient with an comprehensive guarantee in the event there are any issues?

Advantages of a rowing machine?

The essential idea behind using a rowing machines is of course to imitate real rowing, plus some models do that much better than others.

These days though, they are being used by many folks who are just seeking to get into form and that means they won’t need to be considering rowing to win in a competition.

The prime reason behind this is people are starting to realize just what a powerful work out they provide, both in conditions of burning up calories as well as for increasing fitness levels.

In addition they cause hardly any stress for your bones and legs, meaning that it is possible to get exercise without creating problems for the body and injuring yourself.

So whether you want to shed a couple pounds or you are seriously interested in your fitness levels, it is a sensible investment. You shall be able to put it to use for many years, and keep getting that same powerful work out.

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