Best Rated Charcoal Grills

There are many different types of charcoal grills that have a lot of different features. I have selected the top ten charcoal grills from the plain kettle grill to the large fully operative charcoal grills which could cost above $2000. Select the grill that is perfect for you and your wallet. These grills depict the variety of charcoal grills in the market in case you require a grill that grills like nobody’s watching, a one that smoke or one which lets you cook a plain normal meal.

The Old Smokey Charcoal Grill No. 22 Review

The old smokey charcoal grill No. 22 review

Long-lasting and simple to use, this old smokey 22’’ charcoal grill is the best as it is light in weight (19 pounds) making it easily portable from one place to another  and can also be used in the backyard too. It is  built with aluminized steel.  This   old smokey No.22 is not painted so there is no worry of paint peeling nor burning. If is it maintained well it can last for years together. Due to its tight construction, you can reduce the temperature for slow and light barbecue.  The Old Smokey charcoal grill is made by a small company situated in Texas ( where it is still manufactured), this company is in the same place, producing quality goods since the year 1923.

The most long-lasting Charcoal Smoker: Portable Kitchen Cooker Review

Portable Kitchen Cooker

Amazing longevity is the outstanding feature of this cooker. It is common to hear from  people that they have  used this grill for more than forty years and the latest version of this grill is the same as the one which was first invented  by Milton Meigs in the year 1952. The design is old, some may call it old-fashioned and simple. As it is a simple grill, grilling at high temperatures , slow and low temperatures is possible . Its only drawback is that it is small in size. It measures 30.1 in² making it slightly bigger than the 18.8’’ Weber Kettle.

Best Deluxe Charcoal Smoker: Weber 22’’ Performer Deluxe Grill Review

Weber 22’’ Performer Deluxe Grill

If you are greatly fond of the classic Webber Charoal grill require slightly more convenience than that of a gas grill without letting go of the flavor, then you will definitely want to check out the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill. This model comes with a gas ignition which will enable you to light the charcoal ( generally a lot of charcoal grill owners complain about this). It also has a single-touch easy cleaning arrangement which many charcoal grills lack.

Best Charcoal Smoker for Compact Areas: Cuisinart 14’’ Cartable Charcoal Grill

Cuisinart 14’’ Cartable Charcoal Grill

The Cuisinart 14’’ grill looks common like the traditional circular grill which is shaped like a saucer, but it is small in size. The diameter of the grill area is 14 inches which provides 150 in² of cooking area which can accommodate 6 burgers at one time. The chrome plated grilling surface is rust proof and the fire box has an enamel coat which prevents rusting and makes it easy to clean.

The Perfect Portable Ceramic Charcoal Smoker: The Broil King Steel Keg Review

Broil King Steel Keg

This grill is exactly designed like the big green egg, the design is so alike that the grills and accessories of both the broil king steel keg and the big green egg can be interchanged, but the broil king is made of metal and has highly notable innovative features and shape. This grill remains cool on the external side but can rise to extremely high temperatures on the inside. It has a remarkable temperature control making it an wonderful product. It can be mounted on a trailer hitch easily unlike the similar  ceramic kamado cookers of its kind which can have issues while transporting. It is otherwise a wonderful grill but it has small issues with its design which might cause you some trouble.

The Perfect Kamado Charcoal Smoker: Kamado Pro Ceramic Charcoal Grill with Cover Review

Kamado Pro Ceramic Charcoal Grill

This ceramic kamado grill consists of a double calibrated draft outlet dials for exceptional temperature control, a detachable ash tray and 604 in² of cooking area. The kamado ceramic grill is built with dense, top quality ceramic components along with 2 levels of flip grills made of stainless steel for utility. An aluminum alloy is used for the top vent and on order to prevent rusting of the cart it is powder coated.

Due to its dense walls its external surface remains way cooler than the surface of the usual retro metal grills minimizing the risk of getting burnt while the heat is trapped inside. It is designed in such a way that it creates a convention heat atmosphere which uses less charcoal but cooks even. Its electric starter makes it easy to light the fire.

The Kamodo ceramic grill is designed to copy cooking in wood ovens with no difficulty because of the charcoal fuel. It can be used for grilling food, baking bread or pizzas and even for smoking

Food can be taken in and out of this grill with great ease with the help of its dual assist lift springs. The kamodo has 2 solid-surface drop-down grates which can be used to keep your sauces and barbecue equipment, the shelves can also be used as work space. For storage it has a full-length vinyl liner for storage.

The Best Hibachi: Logde Sportsman Grill Review

Logde Sportsman Grill

There was a time when the small backyard hibachi grill ruled. As it was made of heavy cast iron it was durable and it was “the” grill to be  used for college parties, beach barbecues and parks in the country. As this type metal work shifted overseas, these grills became less expensive and practically disappeared. It is fortunate that Lodge Manufacturing is still in business and has flourished in the world of cast iron.

Perfect Charcoal Smoker for Camping: The RiverGrille Cowboy Charcoal Grill & Fire Pit Review

RiverGrille Cowboy Charcoal Grill

It is a unique grill which is has a portable campfire included. It doubles as an “easy to use”, portable fire pit. One can use it to grill food over wood chips, logs, and charcoal, as well as it can be used on chilly evenings for burning excess wood.

It has an area of 730’’ as a primary cooking space which can hold a large number of burgers. It also has a rotisserie with a manual crank for a lot of versatility. This grill has an additional cooking area of 154 in² which can be used for toasting burger buns or to prevent the food from turning cold.

The Webber Original Kettle Twenty Two Review

Webber Original Kettle Twenty Two

Webber launched this grill. Even though there are many replicas of this grill it is built for long term use and has ace cooking abilities. It being round in shape focuses heat and it many vents help you to control it. This charcoal grill make it possible to do almost anything even smoking on a restricted basis. Direct and indirect grilling can be done as it has a large grilling space. An optional rotisserie kit is also available if you need.

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