Best Hair Straightener – 2017

Best hair straightener 2017 – Which to Buy?


I’m sure there may have been many times you looked at that one girl and thought,  “How she did it?” The woman with the unbelievable hair? You can bet that she used one the most wanted hair tools, i.e. a hair straightener, also known as a flat iron. Check the best hair straightener on Amazon

But with so many good brands available, which one is the best for you?

best hair straightener

A Hair straightener or hair iron can be confusing especially if you have never owned one before. And even if you have owned one before, the sheer number and types out there today are overwhelming.

You may say, That’s all nice and fine, but I just want to check the best picks.

No problem.

Here they are.

You are a smart girl and you love that clean, beautiful look that straight hair gives you. To get the elusive “the look” a good hair straightener is an absolute must.

I’ll help you choose the best hot irons through reviews, comparisons and I constantly interview some of the best known divas of the fashion and hair styling industry.

This website is a one stop shop on all things hot irons.

This is an all-inclusive guide that will help you get the hair straightener that’s just right for your hair and more importantly has the quality to last for years AND is within your budget.

Hair straighteners can range widely from a cheap $20 at the drugstore to $300 at the salon.

I plan to help you sort through the various differences and help you figure how much you will actually have to spend to get the straightener of your dreams.

So lets get started.

Reviews on the Best Hair Straightening Irons of 2017
Finding that perfect flat iron for your hair is not an easy task. It can be rather confusing to decide what exactly will be the best and which one of the many brands that are the most popular and reliable, you should choose.

Before we get to the details of the various hair straightening irons, you’ll need to make sure what your hair type is.

A person with fine curly hair will need a much different hair straightener than a person with thick tresses.

When you are sure of your hair type it is much more easier to find a straightener for your hair that would be perfect. You can choose from the various plate types (ceramic, titanium or tourmaline), from different widths and temperature limits.

We’ve explained every aspect to consider in detail below, You can start with the below list:

Best hair straightener

Ceramic Flat Irons 2017

Best hair straightener – Ceramic Flat irons. Ceramic is the most popular material that is used for flat irons and hair straighteners.

The advantage of ceramic flat irons is that it is inexpensive to purchase and surprisingly actually works much better to smooth and straighten your hair at a lower temperature.

The ceramic plates are excellent when it comes to eliminating the frizz and for smoothing the hair, and even to lock in the moisture.

Most ceramic plates today contain ionic technology. This is great for your hair. It makes it healthier, despite the high temperatures that are used in ionic technology to smoothen and style hair.

If you are looking for a great all-purpose hair straightener and you hair is not exceptionally thick or curly then ceramic is the best way to go. Now, from all the ceramic flat iron brands out there, which would be the best for you? Check our 3 favorites for a durable, long-lasting, cost effective an efficient iron:

Bio Ionic One Pass 2017

This hair straightener comes with revolutionary heat-up in five second technology. This helps as you don’t have to wait to start styling your hair and it saves you a lot of time.

One of the things we like best about this ir0on is that there are various heat settings that you can choose from.

The plates are also well cushioned. This helps in making it easy to have a free flow of your hair between the plates.

This iron is made to get the straightening completed directly in only one pass. It also helps distribute and seal in moisture that is there on the hair shaft

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Remington S9500 2017

The thing we love about the Remington S9500 is that it is a ceramic straightener with wide plates and amazing frizz reducing technology.

Remington has gone the extra mile and has the straightening plates infused with real pearls. This helps to improve the nourishment and helps straighten the hair.

The ceramic in the flat iron helps to distribute the heat evenly across the hair. This improves the complete straightening process.

This flat iron also has extremely smooth plates. The result of it is that your hair looks beautifully shiny and has that lovely soft feeling.

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Paul Mitchell Protools 2017

While all ceramic flat irons give you a much quicker iron than any other hair styling straighteners , there are really very few that stay up to the mark in heating your hair fast and getting the styling done quickly.

The Paul Mitchell Protools does exactly that. Your complete styling process is shortened by having the heating and styling time reduced significantly.

So if you are a person on the run, then this one is for you.

You can also use it to make many different styles. This straightener is specifically made to cater to all your styling needs rather than just iron your hair.

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Our Take:

When searching for the best ceramic flat hair straightener iron keep in mind which will be the best for your specific hair type.

There is a lot of articles in the fashion and beauty world on how risky a flat iron is for your hair, but they are only risky if you choose a low end model. The more advanced models are focused on and designed to enhance the quality of your hair rather than burn it.

The rule is that if your hair is thick and curly, then you need to have a much hotter iron to get your hair shiny and straight. In that case choose a ceramic flat iron like which has ionic technology.

This will permit you to use the high heat required to get your hair straight but it will not harm your beautiful tresses.


Titanium Flat Irons 2017


Best hair straightener – Titanium Flat irons. When it comes to the use of metals to make iron plates, there is only one you should think of buying.

Flat irons which have titanium plates are widely considered the one and only metal flat irons that is worth buying.

No other metal is there that can achieve the same level of professional flatness that a titanium iron plate can do.

This means that all other kinds of metals that are used can snag and pull at your hair. With titanium plates in your iron, you can achieve that same silky, shiny hair that a ceramic plate iron gives.

These flat irons are in the most expensive range, in terms of price. It has various heat settings and has features that make the plates perfect for every kind of hair.

BaByliss PRO Nano 2017

This is the original and the most popular and hence the most used of BaByliss’s flat iron products. The Nano

Titanium beats most of the other titanium flat irons that are on the market by a mile. It is designed so that it can be easily used by both beginners and in professional salons.

The best thing of this flat iron is that though it is a professional iron, it needs no special training and choosing the right settings for your hair type and styling needs is very easy.

This is the most highly recommended flat iron by professional hairstylists. As a professional hair straightener it is affordable and quality iron that protects hair, rather than burning it out.

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Izunami KTX 450 2017

I love the look of this flat iron. It has a modern design and great titanium straightening plates.

It also has a temperature dial which you can revolve rather than the standard three temperature settings and the plates are floating plates.

The advantage of a floating iron is that you don’t need to tug your hair as you slide it between the plates. This helps make your ironing experience and joy rather than a frustration.

Another advantage is that it is easy on the hair and regardless of the pressure yo put and how hard you clamp down, the flat iron plates will only apply the required amount of pressure to press out the frizz and seal in the moisture.

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TS-2 Millennium 2017

This is another beautiful best flat iron with a unique shape and design. It has rapid heat up settings and it has super-smooth titanium plates that really make this flat iron a one of a kind.

This iron is specially designed so that you can get in close to your scalp and ears which is very difficult with the normal flat irons.

Other features of this hair straightener is  that it includes instant heat recovery and has heat settings that are specifically for thick, curly, or coarse hair.

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Our Take:

The first thing that you have to accept when you are buying a titanium flat iron, is that its going to be more expensive than ceramic flat irons.

This is because it is in the higher end of the flat iron stable, it is designed to be used in salons and is used by people who need more heat and want less frizz.

Titanium flat irons also tend to have wider plates, as they are made to help increase the speed in the styling process.

It also helps distribute the thicker hair over a larger area for better and easier straightening.

If you are looking for a quality flat iron that can do more than just straighten hair, look at the shape and the plate material.

You can curl your hair using a flat iron with a long, thin, rounded model. You could instead build curl and body with a rounded edge one.

Tourmaline Flat Irons 2017

Best hair straightener – Tourmaline Flat irons. While some people don’t make much of a difference between the tourmaline and the ceramic straighteners, there are quite a few features which differentiate it and put it in a class of its own.

The Tourmaline crystals which are present in the Tourmaline iron greatly increase the amount of heat that can be applied to your hair. This helps in creating a much smoother surface. It also helps in reducing the tugging and pulling.

Tourmaline is naturally ionized so you can use it on thicker hair. In addition to that, when it is passed over your hair, the material will actually seals your hair closed. This sealing keeps in the moisture and the dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair is eliminated.

The best thing of this iron is that you need to pass the straightener once only over each section of hair. This is as it uses higher heat which ensures that the hair is perfectly smooth, straight and shiny the first time.

HSI Professional 2017

The HIS Professional is value for money. It comes in two different sizes to choose from and it has a nice rounded casing to make styling easy and fast.

Its perfectly sized plates and its curved design makes it very easy to add up the volume to your hair at the scalp. It also is good at slicking away frizz from the rest of your hair.

This tourmaline-infused plateed iron is meant for styling thick or frizzy hair to perfection. It even tackles those stubborn bangs and layers with ease.

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Conair Infiniti Pro

This best hair straightening iron was created to provide less damage to the hairWith over thirty temperature settings, it is fun to get the one which works for your unique hair type.

As an extra bonus, also to make life easier for active women, the Infiniti Pro heats up in under fifteen seconds.

Since it has smoother plates than simply about almost every other smooth flat iron on the market, it shortens the complete styling process.

It also has the best temperature options available in commercial hair straighteners, rendering it ideal for the individual who has already established trouble locating a styling implement for her thick and coarse hair.

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 FHI Heat Platform

Another best hair straightening iron with extra-high warmth options for the most difficult-to-style mane is, the Heat Platform is the perfect one for both long and short hair.

The plates float, so you can curl easily, wave, and straighten hair without fretting about frying or tugging your follicles.

Because tourmaline gets hotter faster and much more than other materials thoroughly, it is not hard to style flowing hair and never have to pass the hair straightening iron multiple times on the same portion of hair.

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Our Take:

Tourmaline is one of the hottest materials being found in flat irons, currently being utilized because it increases the smoothness and increases the ionic properties of the flat iron.

The greater ionic a set iron’s plates are, the better they are really for the hair itself.

Earlier, there’s been much conversation over if hair straighteners should even be utilized on hair, because they appeared to ruin the hair critically.

Now, testing has revealed that the right sorts of hair straighteners can in fact improve hair’s health, if they are being used correctly.

By research on the heat and design settings, tourmaline hair straighteners can style hair within one pass, locking the hair’s natural moisture rather than frying it.

Best hair straightener – Professional Flat Irons

Best hair straightener – Professional Flat irons. Professional hair stylists are incredibly choosy about what sorts of flat irons they shall use. This is because they value the fitness of their clients’ hair.

They’ll only use styling tools that are guaranteed never to damage the hair that each day styling does to hair.

Some hair stylists will tell you firmly to avoid styling nice hair at all, to avoid any warmth styling methods, as these can adversely have an impact on the fitness of your tresses.

However, real professionals know that if the right materials and products are used, it could be flawlessly safe to create flowing hair with just a little heat, if you want to do it every day even.

They will be the highest end styling tools, you can use to straighten hair and also to create any style you wish.

Make sure to select the size, design, and style that best matches the needs of nice hair and what you want to use the hair straightening iron for.

Karmin G3 Salon Pro 2017

This hair straightening iron touts itself as the sole styling tool you shall need.

The rounded condition of it is made by the casing possible to use this iron to curl and straighten your hair and also, wave it, or add volume to your hair.

Karmin offers a variety of colours to choose from.

This hair straightening iron has already established good reviews as it pertains to protecting dry and damaged hair. It shows good results for females who cannot use other hair straighteners because they reduce hair damage.

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ghd Professional 2017

This hair straightening iron has been the most innovative in static-free technology.

With various other flat irons, you can never actually achieve that frizz-free look as perfectly as with this. This is due to the fact the straightening plates will in actuality charge flowing hair and allow it jump from the others of your hair and change the look.

To be able to battle this, this hair straightening iron has special plates and advanced temperature technology to keep mane set up once it has been designed

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Sedu Revolution

This is actually the tourmaline hair straightening iron that a lot of professional stylists would recommend.

The ceramic, infused with tourmaline, is extra easy, and the machine has specialized temperature technology that means it is easy to choose the right heat setting for hair, whether frizzy and fine or heavy and coarse.

Additionally it is designed to become able to be utilized for more than simply straightening. While this is one of the most expensive models on the marketplace, it is one of the most amazing hair straighteners here.

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Our Take:

Do not worry about the relatively high prices of the irons. If you are willing to pay a bit more, you’ll be getting a far better flat iron, with a lot more features.

You might visit a lower-end part with the same features, but only with these professional hair straighteners can you be certain you’re getting what’s actually advertised.

Don’t be scared to pay a bit more for a straightener that can last you for a long time and can make your head of hair healthier, even while it styles it.



Best hair straightener – Best flat iron brands.

Best hair straightener – Remington 2017

Remington is well known to make great straighteners for those on a budget.

Generally, these best hair straightener has rapid heat options, with a genuine quantity of different temperatures adjustments.

The more costly models will possess the ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium plates. This means you can select the one that’s best for your hair type.


Best hair straightener – Conair 2017

Though conair is not really a top styling tools company, they do involve some of the greatest best hair straightener in the hair styling business.

They have multiple colors, sizes, and designs to choose from so its no problem finding the one which works for both fine hair and thick, coarse hair.

You have the same options of ceramic, tourmaline, aluminium, and titanium models.

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Best hair straightener – BaByliss 2017

Definitely this is the leader in both for-affordable and high-end expensive flat irons.

BaBybliss specializes in the best flat iron that does not damage hair.

If you are looking for a affordable model that just meets your requirements or you want something that has a lot of features, this brand is a great place to start.

They also say most of their flat irons is multi-purpose, so you can ditch the curling iron.

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Best hair straightener – Sedu 2017

This is not a very familiar brand but it is quickly gaining popularity in the beauty and fashion world.

edu offers only ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium models though they come in various models,.

If you are buying from Sedu, you know you are getting a quality and great flat iron as they are at the higher end of the iron market.

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Best hair straightener – Solia 2017

Solia is another rather famous name that has been appearing in the beauty world.

Their best hair straightener is designed for efficiency, they have quick heat times, there is no heat loss and it has the ability to wipe out frizz. You can start flat ironing your hair even while it is still wet so you save time.

As you make your choice, you need to keep in mind what you actually want to do with your hair straightener.

Some models are just for straightening, while others are able to multi-task.

If you want silky straight locks, just about any model in their stable will be fine.

If you want to be able to style your hair, look for a model that specifically performs those tasks.

So this is our list. Hope you have identified your Best hair straightener. Happy shopping and good luck.

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