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We assure you that this site will not disappoint you to find among those available for sale, your perfect affordable smoker. There has definitely been a detailed groundwork conducted by us in order to provide information on a wide range of smokers for your backyard cooking passion which may be perfect in quality and cost as well. So, go ahead and check out some excellent smokers available in the market priced below 300 dollars.

Mountain Cooker – Weber Smokey Review (Best pick)

The best recommended smoker below 300 is this one. It has been the highest rated type in the price range of below 300 dollars. This smoker can be found in 3 sizes: 22, 14 and 18 inches. The smoker of 22 inches is priced above our 300 dollar target, hence, is not considered in this review.

Among the 2 sizes, the 18 inches smokey mountain cooker is more costly, however, it’s price lies within the price range 300 dollars. Although the 14 inches smoker is comparatively very less in price, since it is small it has restriction on the food capacity it can smoke.

The perfect size of 18 inches can serve 4 to 6 individuals sufficient food which is deliciously smoked. The feedback from those using this smoker suggest smoking together at once 6 rack-less spare ribs or small butts or cooking of chickens, 6 to 7 in number.  One user has even managed to smoke both at once, brisket of 8 pound and turkey of 20 pounds.

Brief Overview and Key Features

The brand called ‘Weber’ is the most famous one when it comes to smokers for backyard cooking. This version of the brand ‘Smokey Mountain’ tops among the range of smokers they produce. This smoker is seen in most Barbeque events and is an award-wining smoker at competitions.

When you begin to operate with a Weber Smokey Mountain, you will definitely forget to explore restaurants for awesome smoked food. Fabulous taste will be obtained with your own charcoal smoker.

Key features are an innate thermometer and pan for water which helps in cooking your perfect juicy meat.

When it comes to customer service, Weber is one of the best, providing a defined warranty of 10 years to the smoker.

The authenticity of a genuine smoker can never be superficially concluded, we have conducted a detailed investigation of the concerns of dozens of varied models. Moving ahead, let’s see the pros and cons.



Char-Griller 06620 Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill Smoker Review

It has been observed nowadays that the Kamado brand beats many smokers and grills in the fabulous cooking aspect but in their artistic appearance. You will definitely want to get more information on cooking with a Kamado.

This smoker and grill is available in the shape of an egg, red in colour. The red colour is exactly right cost we are looking for while the same type in black or brown are priced on the higher side.

A complete detail on the grill and smoker is available for additional knowledge. Do press this link for the same.

In this article, you will also find exhaustive insights on how to pick a combo smoker and grill.

Hence, let’s see the key features of the model with its pros and cons.

Key Features

This combo of grill and smoker is for multi-use at camps or barbeques. From chicken amazingly smoked to delicious Pizzas or juicy steaks, this combo can do it all.

There has been a lot of feedback that many would not mind splurging their funds on purchasing a Kamado of ceramic make like buying a huge egg green in color, however, it would cost a 1000 dollars.  This would be the best rate you will get with a significant slash in cost.



This Kamado brand of a grill and smoker provides you the liberty of skillful innovative cooking, if that’s what you are looking for.

The awesome ‘Kamado’ with its delightful coolness of red will definitely give your backyard a Japanese vibe. Although, if red seems additionally sparkling then there are other options of black/ brown. Be sure that this smoker of whichever color, will be an attraction to your guests and they will further want to know more about your smart choice.

Masterbuilt 30 Inch Black Smoker Review

This is the perfect electric smoker present in the market nowadays priced below 300 dollars. Customers from Amazon and various other retailers have rated this smoker with a 5-star rating of approximately two thousand in number. Surely this smoker has captured the social media with its positive feedback.

There is a wide variety of smokers to pick from Amazon. Depends on the model you need, you may directly purchase a basic type without a window, or purchase the one with a viewing window priced for a little extra, or purchase a smoker with tools for grilling, chips for smoking or a thermometer.

The smokers of Masterbuilt type are best for those who are new into the smoking arena or those inexperienced cooks who want a firsthand experience in smoking since this smoker is extremely user-friendly. This smoker can easily adjust to make your food taste either more or less smoky. Additionally, the pan for water can be used to add various flavored liquids for the extra punch of awesomeness in your smoked food.



This smoker is user-friendly and it’s functions are very much beneficial to all those who are beginners in the field of smoking. Literally, the smoker functions in a manner where you set the smoker and are not required to be constantly monitoring its activity which is thoroughly important to any ‘laid-back’ outdoor cook who loves to relax with loved ones while the smoker does his job of providing lovely smoked delicacies for all.

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