Best Electric Smoker under $200

Nowadays, one can find a wide range of electric smokers of good quality in the stores. However, it is quite a strenuous task when you have to buy one that satisfies your needs, especially when you set a fixed budget. The 5 smokers described in this article are the perfect smokers which are all priced below 200 dollars. Any of these 5 will undoubtedly satisfy your needs.

Smokehouse Products Big Chief Top Load Review

This smoker has been very prominent since 1970s. The smoker is a device and is provided with a heater inside the structure. The highest temperature it can attain is 170⁰F.

This Smoker is the best type for cooking a wide variety of food, from smoking frankfurters to salmon.

This smoker ensures ultimate and even smoking of every slice of meat. The adjustment of temperature is not possible in this product which could be a problem at times. So, the highest temperature it will attain is 170⁰F and that’s all. Hence, opening the smoker is the only option when you need to lower its temperature.

The smoker has 5 types of sliding grills which are coated with chrome. Further, placed at the unit’s base is a pan called a drip pan, which provides protection to the heating unit during the smoking and also limits the mess. This smoker is more secure to be used outdoors since this smoker is built of aluminum, although it is comparatively small.

As a precautionary measure to ensure safety and avoid inhaling of smoke, it is suggested that this smoker must be used outdoors. In order to support the clients, the company of this brand of smoker sends them a surprise gift which is a bag containing woodchips. This smoker is definitely unique and on Amazon, it has been reviewed very well. This smoker is excellent if you live in a tiny home or a RV too.

Char-Broil Vertical Review

This electrical smoker is small and provides over 500 in2 area for cooking. It has 3 racks for smoking which are adjustable and there is no restriction on the type of food you want to smoke.

Considering the cost of below 200 dollars for these smokers, it is difficult to obtain the function of digital temperature control. Even if a smoker priced below 200 dollars, provides a digital thermometer, it will be one of a lower quality, which might get defective instantly.

In the vertical char-broil you can only dial the high/ low temperature values, since it is fitted with an outdated dial thermostat. If an accurate thermometer is used along with it, then the exact temperature value can be dialed up with no risk of failure.

This smoker is provided with magnets on the door which acts as the locking mechanism. This system usually works quite well unless there are deformations in the structure or some dents, which causes problems while closing the door. Some problems that could be encountered are the shortage of oxygen to keep the fire burning due to inadequate ventilation.  The heat is retained quite effectively due to the twin insulated walls.

Landmann USA Smoky Mountain Review

This is the most affordable product listed by us. Although available at below $100, yet it is a product of reasonable quality.

The smoker has a life-long durability and rigid housing since it is fabricated of steel. It is amazing for people to expect such a superior fabricated product considering the price of the unit. Its tray is plated with chrome and can be utilized in 3 different ways.

The 3 different features of the plate are: acts as a grease tray, is a pan for water and is used for storage of wood. The performance of the smoker is improved by its viewing window as the process can be monitored any time. It is really small and firm making it fit easily in any place.

This is the perfect smoker for those having a difficulty such as space restriction. Overall this smoker’s smoking potential and quality is quite remarkable. Although, it might not beat the other models of gas or electric type, it passes off as a satisfying smoker smoking up good quality meat.

Old Smokey Review

This smoker consists of a unit for heating similar to a regular oven. There is a tray for wood chips above this unit for heating. The unit’s first layer includes a pan called a drip pan and a grill placed lower.

The grills of the smoker have handles for easily removing or inserting them. The highest temperature this smoker can attain is 250⁰F and is the best one for its price. This smoker is firm and can be easily put up in any place.

The concern with present-day smokers is the cost as well as the size. Purchasing a smoker of a higher technology definitely makes you lose a little extra space. Anyway, none of the space problems would emerge up with this smoker as it is really small, making it convenient to those with space constriction.

The smoker has a basic and genuine design. The smoker is cylindrical in shape with 4 grates sliding in, this design delivers awesome experiences while smoking. It is easy to control and maintain temperature as desired since it works on electricity.

The temperature can be controlled by using the knob of the unit and burning the chips of wood. It is one of the best classic type of smokers available within your budget, if it is in this range of pricing.

Southern Country Smokers 2 in 1 Electric Water Smoker Review

The exceptional aspect of this smoker is the area it offers for cooking, which is about 351 in2. For cooking on twin-level, this smoker is provided with 2 grids having handles. The grids are plated with chrome which is an added advantage. There are flavor channels which help to steer the smoke for enriching the flavors and these channels also provide additional strength to its design.

The design resembles a chimney and is fitted quite loosely. The tightly fitted door along with the lid for venting create amazing flavors due to the smoke flow being streamlined.

The vents can be closed when you need to reduce the flow of smoke without blowing out the source from where the smoke is generated. This will let the smoke flow exclusively in the hood space.

Upon removing the upper parts of this product, it can be converted to be used as a grill. The only thing required is a rack that is to be placed above the heater and it is ready for grilling various meats. You can consider purchasing this product if  your requirement is a compact smoker which can be kept anywhere along with the ease of use.

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