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Smoking makes certain foods taste outstanding although grilling does the trick but not at the same level as smoking. Without smoking we would never know the original Barbecue taste which we all crave for.  The trick to having the best food at outdoor parties is a smoker, whether it be of stainless steel or wood chips.

We’ll enable you to select a smoker at the best rate, covering all the minute details of having thermometers, may it be manual/dial type or digital. Some prominent types of smoker options available in the market are the pellet tube type, vertical gas type, barrel type and gas grill type. Since the options are so many, it’s difficult for one to select the best type.

Purchasing a smoker can be an expensive affair, hence, we are pleased to provide you information on the best 7 types of smokers, which by the way will never be a liability to you in your backyard.

Imagine your backyard drawing attention in your neighborhood, when the aroma from your smoking backyard reaches their homes, and this may even become an attraction throughout the year. Upon joining the club of the pitmaster, you will definitely be called the perpetual chief cook.

If you purchase an equipment i.e the smoker of a standard quality, it will definitely work for a longer period of time which will satisfy you for purchasing it.

The equipment should definitely be an asset and you would never wish to part with it even after many years of use.  It will work brilliantly for smoking up an awesome barbecue over the years.

Masterbuilt Charcoal Bullet Smoker

Among the smokers made of ceramic, the Masterbuilt is the finest. It has two porcelain covered smoking stands and serves as the best vault, as it contains a simple opening door for adding more charcoal when needed.

Frankly speaking, a smoker of a cabinet type is the best alternative for easy storing of the smoked stuff. However, the vertical type of smoker is a good choice for those already using a trustworthy grill.

This best type of charcoal smoker can be obtained at a price of below 60 dollars. The in-built temperature recording device provides an exact temperature reading, leaving nothing to assumptions.

Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker

In a smoker, one needs a satisfying surface area for cooking in order to smoke the meat well and to avoid crowding of the surface. The gourmet provides a main chamber of 290 in2 of surface for cooking and a firebox chamber with 140 in2. The additional surface area is appreciated by all who love to grill.

This smoker contains a pit with a door for cleaning up of the smoker. This helps in maintaining the smoker for use in the long run without bargaining for the quality of smoking. This is an economical smoker which can be purchased below 80 dollars.

Char-Griller 2-2424 Table Top Charcoal Grill And Side Fire Box

This is one of the outstanding multi-purpose types of grills one can come across, which makes it the best for backyard/garden cooking. This type could serve either as the best typical grill or as an excellent smoker. The make of the grill is steel hence it is rock solid enabling ideal smoking.

Considering this marvelous multi-purpose smoker and griller to be priced below 70 dollars. This deal is precisely the one which is called ‘value for your money’.

Grill Pro 16-Inch Smoker

Smoking to precision can be what we get using this classical smoker. Cooking is made graceful when you, being the backyard cooking champion of your area, owns a smoking chamber with a diameter of 16 inches which makes it easily fit into even the tiniest of verandas.

Kingsford Barrel Charcoal Grill

When in need of a dual use, grill and smoke combo, this type is the best for outdoor camping. The use of this grill may be to smoke a chicken for attaining that smoked aroma and taste or even smoking a turkey for the same, considering the smoker’s internal heat gets enormously high. The other use is quick grilling of hot dogs especially during camping.

The superiority of this smoker is its ability to retain heat. It is quite user-friendly smoker having a vent at its side and a thermometer which is of the analog type. Considering its great design for dual-use it is priced only below 90 dollars.

Nordic Ware Oven Essentials Indoor And Outdoor Smoker

This type is a unique designed smoker which may be used on the grill or on top of the stove. This smoker provides you complete charge over smoking of any type of meat as it is made of a smoking rack which is non-stick, a smoking vent which can be adjusted and a pan in case of dripping or a water pan. This helps to regulate the heat between low and high conveniently. This newest version of a smoker is most beneficial for smoking in chilly places.

Among the many versions of smokers we adore, this indoor smoker is a unique kitchen range user-friendly version. This is the most user-friendly smoker which is priced below 90 dollars. You shall also obtain valuable recipes for guiding you to get started on purchase of this smoker.

Masterbuilt 20078616 Electric Bullet Smoker

This type of a smoker is different and rare since it is electric. It is portable with a plug and can be heated to a maximum limit of 400 degrees provided there is electrical supply. This type of smoker is bigger in comparison to the Bullet type Masterbuilt Charcoal Smoker. It maintains a constant temperature for cooking with the help of an excellent thermometer which is digital.

It works at any place with electricity supply, either for leisure cooking in a backyard or even maybe cooking on a camping area. This type of smoker is the best among all types for use at camping when travelling by a car or a camping trailer, it also has a spacious chamber for cooking. It is definitely worth the price.

Bonus Pick – Weber 22 Inch Kettle

It is very likely that most of you would own this type of a kettle in your garden or backyard. If not, then it is time to purchase one of this type for around 100 dollars, this price is for a brand-new 22 inch Weber Kettle. One may also pick a used 22 inch Weber Kettle from the Craigslist at half the price i.e. 50 dollars.

If you are a beginner then having a kettle of this type is the best way to start smoking meats since these kettles have an exceptionally huge capacity and are fabulously affordable.  One can easily smoke on the type of kettle, a brisket packed of 12 to 13 pound or 2 slabs from the back of baby ribs.

The kettle turning into a smoker is the most intelligent designs among charcoal grills. Further, even if you move on to buy a larger smoker, you definitely would never let go of the kettle.


This information about the best and affordable smokers will definitely help those who are beginners into smoking. The various types of smokers like the portable ones or just the best priced ones are stated above in this article. So, go ahead and choose the perfect type of smoker for creating your delicious barbecue instantly.

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