Best Air Compressor Reviews 2017

For your search online for the best air compressor reviews, it’s essential to be clear of the main features and performance of the air compressor so you buy a strong unit that addresses your issues and requirements.

What you need is a successful change of force into kinetic energy, without extra force you don’t require.

To put it plainly, you need an air compressor that is best in transforming your utilization of force into enough pressurized air to take care of business quick and without additional use.

An air compressors has three types of motors: electric engine, gas motor or diesel motor.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages which are mentioned in the portable air compressor reviews.

Despite how the force is created, the procedure for the pressure of air is the same in all.

The force is changed over into moving vitality which then packs and pressurizes the air, discharging it forward in brisk blasts so you can deal with the current workload.

So now lets get to the best rated air compressors.

Best Air Compressor brand as per Performance

Without wasting your time, our best pick for the best air compressor as per performance is the Makita Mac2400 Air Compressor. It is the best air compressor and gives amazing performance.


Best Air Compressor brand for the Home

Our best pick for the best air compressor for use at home is the Makita Mac700 Air Compressor. It is easy to use, doesn’t make much noise and is perfect for an apartment or small space.


 Best air compressor for the money

The best air compressor for the money is without doubt the Porter cable c2002r  air compressor. It has amazing features for its price.


Now for our 5 top rated air compressors:

Best Air Compressor Reviews

Makita Mac700 – Best Home Air Compressor 

Best Air compressor reviews, Makita Mac700 ReviewIf the air compressor you need is for a apartment or a small shared space then a small 2 HP machine which the Makita Mac700 air compressor has is perfect. It is great for doing small tasks. A great thing about this machine is that it is almost noiseless as compared to other air compressors.  It is an excellent machine and so noiseless that you can even converse while you use it.


  • Its a Oil pump which makes sure that it has a longer life.
  • Its from a very good brand and it has been constructed well
  • The unit has the ability to go from 0 to 130PSI in less than 60 seconds.
  • It has rubber feet which minimizes the vibrations.
  • It has the ability to rebuild pressure in case of a cut in in 15-20 seconds.


  • Though it is marketed as a portable compressor, it is one of the heaviest in its category making it difficult to carry.
  • Its manual is not helpful if used by a person of less experience or a first time air compressor user.
  • It has a 50% duty cycle which is much lesser than the now standard 75% duty cycle which most of the other air compressors have.


Makita is a brand name which is associated with durability. It is strong and durable and the MAC700 is a great example of that. Makita has constructed a wonderful system and it is a very nifty tool for working at home on an air compressor. The main problem is the weight and some may have an issue with the manual but other than that it is one of the best in the sub-$300 price range. In addition to that, its soft sound makes it a joy to work with.


Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor (Big Bore 2.5 HP )

Makita-MAC2400When you have a first look at the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore Air Compressor’s specifications they will seem similar to that of the  Senco. They both have 2.5 horsepower, motor run on oil and they both have 4.2 gallons capacity with is in the twin air tanks. The Makita MAC 2400 does weigh more than normal as a Makita genrally is faulted with. It weights 77 pounds as it has a ‘big bore’ cylinder made of cast iron that has a slower rpm. the advantage of a slower rpm is that it saves the machine from wear and tear which should give it an more than average life. It has a very effective wrap-around roll cage around its motor. This is an additional measure taken to make sure that the motor wont be damaged while handling.


  • It has the best performance in terms of any parameter.
  • It has cast iron parts which give it a more than average life.


  • It is expensive compared to other air compressors but in the long run it will be better as it has a longer life and very low maintenance.


Without doubt the best air compressor available. It is powerful, very strong and trustworthy.



Porter Cable Air Compressor – Best Portable Air Compressor 

Porter Cable c2002r Air CompressorSince this air compressor has a 13-piece accessory kit you literally are stress free when you need to work on it. Since it is completely loads, you don’t need any accessories and many accessories you may not have thought of is already added to the package. The tank has an inbuilt 150 psi max tank pressure which gets more air and hence it can run continuously for a longer period of time. It also helps in storing more energy with results in better performance.


  • It is from the Porter brand which has a very high reputation for quality.
  • The 150 psi max tank pressure gives it amazing output for its size.



  • Since the tank is 150 psi max tank pressure it takes a little bit more time to fill up.


This air compressor is a very good value for money proposition. It is a super performance machine and is very compact. It makes a great portable air compressor. It is from the Porter brand which assures quality and sustainability. It will be great for any tasks within the house and its structure is such that it will be really easy to take around the house. The Manufacturers manual unlike the Makita Mac700 is easy to use and understand. For its price, it is very good value for money.



California Air Tools CAT-10020 Air Compressor

California Air ToolsThe California Air Tools – Oil-Free, CAT-10020, Ultra Quiet, 10.0-Gallon Steel Tank , 2.0 HP Air Compressor has a 2 horsepower engine (rated power). It offers a small package that can offer up to 7 cubic feet of air a minute without much noise or hassle and because it is electric you won’t have to deal with gasoline fumes.


  • It is very quiet even though it has a powerful machine. This makes it a very good machine to work in the house.
  • It is just 32 inches tall so it fits very easily into many places in the apartment including under a bench.
  • It can give you upto 20 minutes of spraying from a paint gun


  • It weighs 90 pounds which is much more than normal compared to other air compressors in its range.


This is a air compressor which can be used if you have larger jobs in mind as it has a large tank and much higher CFM rating score. It is very powerful but is not really necessary if you are only looking for something in the house.



Senco PC1131 Compressor – Best air compressor for Painting

Senco Air Compressor ReviewThe Senco PC1131 is a really strong and able air compressor. It works well with nailers and other power tools which need a quick recycle time. It is very durable and has a cast iron sylinder and an extended pump life which will work well much longer than its warranty. It is also great in cold climates as it ha sthe cold start valve which makes it very easy to start up regardless of the temperature.


  • It has amazing recovery time
  • It can constantly pump without stopping
  • It has a High psi output
  • Its filter is washable
  • It has a longer durability cast iron body


  • It is heavy and is not very great if you have to move it around.
  • It does not have an inbuilt area to store the cord.
  • It has a Twinstack engine which causes it to be difficult to store.
  • There are no wheels which affects mobility of the compressor


If you do extensive work that needs a air compressor then this is the best air compressor for you. If you are remodeling a house or use it as a part time business then this is the best one for you. If you are into contractor compressing then this is the best machine as it works with most applications. It also has a long life and comes at a great price.


Now that you have read our air compressor reviews, I guess you have a better idea as to which would be the most relevant air compressing machine for you depending on the jobs you require it for.We have searched for the best air compressor brands and got for you the best rated air compressor reviews. Each one of them are great in their own way, you need to decide which one makes the most sense for you as per your needs.

Our choice for the best portable air compressor would be the Makita MAC2400. It may not have the sheer performance that the California Air Tools CAT-10020 has but it can easily satisfy any work you have to do. It is best in terms of performance and will have a very long life which in the long run will be good for your pocket since it is made out of cast iron parts and has an oil filled engine. It’s discounts at the moment make it an amazing buy.

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