BaByliss Pro Porcelain Plate Flat Iron Review

Scrolling through my share of irons , The least experience I have are in coated porcelain irons. I was confused at first as to what their purpose was as my knowledge was mostly in ceramic irons. Being passionately curious I wanted to know more. This was the only one I haven’t tried.

With that said “ lets experiment , Through my years of making a huge collection of irons that don’t cause a lot of damage to your hair. I’m yet to find one that can make sure my hair incurs as minimal damage  as possible without once getting into that burnt little mess. But because I trim my hair regularly I don’t worry  much about the split ends and a bit of hair loss

What do you have for Me in Porcelain?

Curious about the Babyliss pro Ceramic Flat iron with those porcelain plates, I’m ready to try it out. At first glance it has that glossy exterior that the professional grade irons usually have. With sized varying from 1, 1.5, and 2 inches.

My Favorite is the 1 Inch which I mostly tend to use as it can be used for then just straightening, but my sister in law who’s got those rapunzel like length in her hair is recommended with those 2 or 2.5 inch size which is also sold in range of irons (model BABP2559).

It’s getting hot in here

This particular model does heat up to 450 degrees ( the highest temperature suggested for any  type of hair) , You can lower the temperature accordingly for those styles where a lot of heat is not needed . It does heat up really fast so it’s a time saver if you’re a always on the go like me.

Consistent Heat Is it Porcelain Or Not?

Those plates do heat really evenly with a coating of porcelain , but it can either be because of the base which is ceramic or porcelain might be better at holding heat.

Whatever might be the case its always better to not have cool or hot spots on the iron which end up just irritating you and costing you longer than you usually would like to take.

Pssh Here’s something interesting!- My curiosity led to me finding out that the porcelain keeps that annoying frizziness away which is an icing on the cake for me)

It’s For Every Hair Type. Seriously!

Porcelain BaByliss is suggested for different hair styles. My Hair are very fine.

People having  coarse hair with very thick strands have also said that the iron works well for them so it’s a win- win for us people with fine hair as well as theirs.

This just means that it’s a very versatile  model with the capability of styling different types of hair.

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